A Reflection on Criticality

I think that this was one of the projects that I have struggled with that most this year. I found it incredibly hard to get my head around it initially and really what I had to do it. But looking back at it

I always seem to get the best ideas post projects and luckily with this project I was able to redo it in the Easter break. I don’t think I went for the topic of Brexit the first time around as I had just finished my dissertation and had written about advertising Brexit. So I was sick to death of it (and I sort of still am). The time between the two different projects made it that much easier. I ended up really enjoying compleating the piece in the end and this inspired me to make the illustration in the FMP of Theresa May shooting lasers out of her eyes at houses.


FMP a New Font Direction

I am taking the fact that have lot all of my work as an opportunity to totally change the tone of my work. I think that I had gotten myself stuck in a sort of rut. Because I had created my own font I was set in that I had to use it. This is not the case at all. I decided to look at other font choices and decided to take this loss of work as semi-good thing.

Screen Shot 2018-05-13 at 23.54.09I decided to keep it simple and bold by using Futura. It is a simple geometric font that I hope compliments the use of circles throughout the publication.

Labour used Neo Sans in a lot of their campaign material In the years of Ed Milliband whereas Jeremy Corbyn has been leaning toward using Avenir in the 2017 manifesto I reflected this by using it as my body font.


Everything has gone wrong

So basically everything has gone wrong that could go wrong. So when updating photoshop earlier today something disastrous happened. My laptop crashed and whipped everything and I’m not just talking about files I’m talking about the operating system aswell. So I currently only have a couple of screenshots from my instagram and my usb stick. This means I am basically going to have to start again. And it won’t let me install off the back up hard drive or from my Apple account as I got the laptop second hand and haven’t gotten the operating system registered to my account.

I have a tiny amount of hope that the person in the repair shop will be able to get some of my work back. If their website is true to word.

Granted to say I am panicking considering I was hoping to send to print early next week.


Update everything ha gone never to return I am just going to have to soldier on and redo it all luckily I still have a number of PDFs of my work from this year on but I have lot the working files and the development of my competitions which I had expanded upon an awful lot and don’t have time to redo as I have lost all my work from the FMP.

Critcallity Weetabrexit


By Sketching out the logo I found that keeping the ‘Weet’ fitted in well with adding ‘Brexit’ at the end making it out to become ‘Weetabrexit’ and it fits well as it is only four letters different. I wanted to mimic the style of box with the colours and imagery. But I wanted to add some humour to it and I thought to add the meme of the prime minister laughing. This could make it look like she thinks Brexit is just a laugh.

31959425_10214182264822550_3521751476231733248_n I then bought these concepts into photoshop and manipulated the Weetabix logo into the box.Rectangle 1611product-box-mockup I really like the outcome of this project overall but I wish I had done more of these smaller details like the best before date is the day we are due to leave the EU.

Rectangle 17 copy,

Penguin Book Cover- Review

Another year another penguin book cover. This year I undertook the challenge in reimaging George Orwell’s classic Animal Farm.  I was interested in the layers of authority in the book and how at the beginning it is hidden within the animals and it comes to light quickly. So it was really hard not to include an image of a pig so I tried to make it less obvious and more of a background texture. There is a number of different layers to this even into the same elements like I have separated the CYMK colours and attempted a glitch style effect.

I am not massively happy with the back cover of this design the white box annoys me senseless I should have had a plain coloured background to contrast the cover and spine. 482a3eec-ce63-46e0-8001-aa28613b8a53_rw_1200

FMP- Frist Draft

The development I had decided on going with a friendly tone using hand-drawn type and layering the colours, this will be mixed in with found (Copyright free images). The Roses are from the British Libraries Catalogue of images whom’s copyright has run out so that is free for the public to modify and reuse.

Screen Shot 2018-05-13 at 23.32.39Screen Shot 2018-05-13 at 23.33.09Screen Shot 2018-05-13 at 23.33.17

With the last two spreads, the circles have meanings of equality as there are no sides so in turn, they are the same length. This is also the reason the individual pages are square to show this value of the Labour Party (Not just that it is an in trend shape for a magazine).

My typesetting needs so so so much work the justified type is lazy and leaves so many blank spaces and massive rivers.

Screen Shot 2018-05-13 at 23.33.26Screen Shot 2018-05-13 at 23.33.33Screen Shot 2018-05-13 at 23.33.41Screen Shot 2018-05-13 at 23.33.48Screen Shot 2018-05-13 at 23.34.01Screen Shot 2018-05-13 at 23.34.38

Afterlife-Wendy, Ian and David

This afterlife session was the turn of the tutors. It was interesting to see how they got to this point.


Ian showed us the work he had done for the research on his masters. He had developed a system that looked at how the computer destroy narrative flow as it keeps needing to be woken up. He had then created a video that played upon call and Response like how gospel singing works. It was an experience, to say the least.


Wendy talked about her first job out of university where she specialised in animation on the children’s cartoon Super Ted when she started her animated Texas Pete then she went on to design the effects and the merch that came with the show. Next, she worked with rolf harris it was her first experience working with children disabilities (to communicate non verbally). This then led to the work she stared on her PhD and she is still is developing this. She looks at how you could create using code- coming back to working with people with disabilities (designing through play) full meaning through interaction. And as technology progressed this has had to move forward with it and adapt. What I got from Wendy’s presentation is that as a designer you have to keep up with the current technology and constantly adapt to it and this means a project is never fully compleated.


David then showed us the work from his undergrad show this was to hammer down that if you don’t ask you don’t get. This is due to that he asked the Green Party for old campaign posters to print on to for his project. He told us that we really need to show confidence in the work you make. This will project on to the client and then they will agree with you. He also talked about a point in his life that changed where he was at in life, he had the choice to say in his job in Ireland, move to Berlin or (if he got in) do a masters in Central Saint Martins. This is a turning point that I think a lot of people and you have to take a risk.