FMP- Frist Draft

The development I had decided on going with a friendly tone using hand-drawn type and layering the colours, this will be mixed in with found (Copyright free images). The Roses are from the British Libraries Catalogue of images whom’s copyright has run out so that is free for the public to modify and reuse.

Screen Shot 2018-05-13 at 23.32.39Screen Shot 2018-05-13 at 23.33.09Screen Shot 2018-05-13 at 23.33.17

With the last two spreads, the circles have meanings of equality as there are no sides so in turn, they are the same length. This is also the reason the individual pages are square to show this value of the Labour Party (Not just that it is an in trend shape for a magazine).

My typesetting needs so so so much work the justified type is lazy and leaves so many blank spaces and massive rivers.

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Critically a Whole New Direction

I always seem to gather ideas after the project is over. This was the case in this project and luckily I had the chance to do over. I ended up starting the whole project a new I was looking at Brexit and how it would possibly affect everyday life in Britan.  I wanted to play about with the everyday life but also the logo manipulation that I had researched into on the Adbusters website. This meant subjectwise I did not have to do much more research as I could just use what I had gathered for my dissertation.

I was looking at household products and adapt something that you would use every day looking at food packaging I chose to adopt a cereal box because breakfast tends to be the everyday.

I looked at Weetabix as I thought Brexit would fit in well with the logo and name when said aloud. Also, this brought to mind when Theresa May said that the naughtiest thing that she ever did was run through a field of wheat when she was a child.


FMP- At a loss

I have been feeling lost at what style that I would be taking this project forward into and whatever format it ends up into. I looked back at the work I have done so far this year and wanted to do something more playful than I have so far and something I could bring a number of image making techniques. But what tone, format and style I wanted to work. I had some potential layouts sketched out but they felt repetitive from the competition’s project.

After what felt like endless scrolling through Pinterest looking at others people’s approaches to political design and feeling totally uninspired and deflated. I shut down my laptop and just started ink up the title and this was extremely helpful as I had no clue how I would make it my own.

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Criticality- Ideas and Intial Outcome

I wanted to mimic the style of the advertisements the style of the adverts. Clean and clinical in aesthetics. I still was not sure what I was going to focus on the price or the fact that woman doesn’t bleed blue.

I really struggled with coming up with ideas for this. I really don’t have a clue why. Maybe it was I didn’t find anything in my research that inspired me, it could have been the timing of this project (just after dissertation hand in and my brain could not really function) or it is a topic so overdone I was coming up with no original ideas.


The three ideas that I actually ended coming up with was pretty crappy. They where all posters and where suppose to read as public service posters to shed light on the issue.

My first idea was looking at the price of the products. I was going to fashion a tampon of sorts out of a twenty-pound note. I was then going to scan it in and mixing it with photos of actual tampons. Then I would have some sort of comment about how girls miss school from not being able to afford period products.

The other two ideas were going upon the same line and direction of looking at advertising and how they don’t use anything that even looks like blood to represent the actual period. One was to have two tampons illustrated with what would represent blood one being red and another blue. And have direct questions asking if they look like they bleed blue. The other was an arm with “blood” dripping down asking the same thing.

Initial Outcome

Screen Shot 2018-05-07 at 12.47.59

I really don’t think this is an outcome of the project really. It looks more like it is a part of something bigger like it’s for an editorial spread. I think it would be an awful lot better if it used photos as it would bring more depth and relatability to the poster. The layout would have to be improved upon greatly. I’m really not happy with how it has turned out and I don’t think that I put enough thought into the outcome. And it doesn’t help that on the day of presentation that all the colour printers had broken in uni.

Criticality- Topic and More Resaerch

I decided to design that commented on period products and how they are sold to the woman of the UK in a way that people who find something so natural disgusting and offensive or it makes them uncomfortable. I was also looking at the price and how many girls in the UK miss days of school because they can not afford sanitary towels or tampons as they are so expensive. According to the Huffington Post, a woman will spend around about £18,000, in their lifetime, to try andmake their periods clean and less or an ordeal.


My findings are that woman are being sold period products in the most unrealistic way possible. It makes it feel like having a period is a clean thing even with using these products it’s not. Even though they are selling products that only people who have periods have a need for they still advise more directed at men as not make them feel uncomfortable if an advert is on TV or in a magazine they never even use an image of even a red liquid it is always blue. Maybe this hits too close to home and would make men relate to it more. Or women should be shamed for having periods as they should hide it because when they aren’t showing deoxygenated blue blood they show a woman in so ridiculous all-white outfit doing something that makes (like stage diving or roller skating down the motorway and not getting hit by a National Express coach). maxresdefault

Criticality- Research Adbusters


I started this project by looking at the work collected on the Adbusters website. I thought how the designer or artist would manipulate and play about with massive companies current branding/logo to communicate some sort of meaning can be quite powerful.

They play a lot with the logo of McDonald’s as this is a company that is so so so problematic and there is something shady about it not just from the fact that the food they serve is literally killing people but from the way they sell themselves as a family friendly company but they treat their employees like garbage and are money sucking. This is clear in some of the images that are on Adbusters website. This is true for the Grease Advert spoof below where the Ronald McDonald has been restrained and looks like he wants to tell you something but he can not as he is been held back by the company (the ‘e’ being the McDonald’s logo).


This manipulation could be a way that I go forward into this project to create a creepy horror style piece of design.

Criticality- Brief

This Project was to take a topic and create a design around it that said something critical about it in an interesting way. This could be through a number of ways whether this was changing an existing design or creating a new one. I really struggled with this project I am not totally sure why, to be honest, maybe it was my brain not working after handing the dissertation in or I had chosen a subject that I was perhaps not fully invested in.

I found it incredibly hard to get to grips with what critical design actually was. Like was it just design that makes the viewer think about it but not as straightforward as that as it doesn’t just outright ask the questions but does it in a clever and surprising way. When I looked over the notes I took in Theo’s lecture it came that it could be anything it was so open and this was slightly terrifying.