Review of Design for Real

I remember really hating design for real and my outcome so I think that might be the reason I haven’t gotten around to developing it at all. But looking back at it now I don’t think the outcome was awful looking. It is quite clean while still being playful and telling the viewer exactly what they need to know about the event and what is expected of them before the planting day.

Yes, it is a nice little project but I really do not think I was ambitious enough. In the early stages of the project, I had tones of ideas from indoor herb gardens to a sensual sound garden using the interactive sound pads. But I seemed to have settled to what was easiest to design where I should have been a bit more experimental and gone for the weirder ideas that I had just dismissed.


Everything has gone wrong

So basically everything has gone wrong that could go wrong. So when updating photoshop earlier today something disastrous happened. My laptop crashed and whipped everything and I’m not just talking about files I’m talking about the operating system aswell. So I currently only have a couple of screenshots from my instagram and my usb stick. This means I am basically going to have to start again. And it won’t let me install off the back up hard drive or from my Apple account as I got the laptop second hand and haven’t gotten the operating system registered to my account.

I have a tiny amount of hope that the person in the repair shop will be able to get some of my work back. If their website is true to word.

Granted to say I am panicking considering I was hoping to send to print early next week.


Update everything ha gone never to return I am just going to have to soldier on and redo it all luckily I still have a number of PDFs of my work from this year on but I have lot the working files and the development of my competitions which I had expanded upon an awful lot and don’t have time to redo as I have lost all my work from the FMP.

Dissertation Editiorial – 1

I at the start of the project I had no idea what I was doing with this because quite frankly I was sick to death of the thing after the hand in. I think my aim was to create a zine-style booklet using illustrations. I was not particularly happy with the result when I had done a chapter of it. I felt like it seemed childish and immature making it not suitable for the subject matter it was about. But I did like the map I had drawn (So I reused this in part of my FMP).brexit

Competions Relfection

I chose to work on an ISTD set brief for this project. I really liked the sound of both Mark My Words and Food for Thought. Looking back now I had a much stronger idea for food for thought than Mark my Words. If I had done Food for thought I would have done some sort of piece on how chip shops have played an important part in the Northen working class looking at no meat of Fridays for Catholics. Deep fried mars bars the death of a British seaside resort. The role of women in the food industry, ect…

Instead, I Went for Mark My Words which make I focused on the phrase Fake News. I choose this as it had just been announced as word of the year by Collins Dictionary. When splitting it into separate words I found that Fake has an extremely interesting history as no one quite knows where it came from.

What is the brief?

To explore where a word or phrase comes from. Has the meaning changed? The target market is anyone who is interested in Graphic design or linguistics. Outcomes must be text based but can be in any format. I had decided to do an editorial as the topic will involve a large amount of content research as it will explore a number of different aspects, to fully explore where the word came from how the meaning has changed and the history of fake news.


This project has two parts to the research one is gathering content and the other is gathering inspiration.

Screen Shot 2018-05-14 at 02.14.12Throughout this project, I collected a large number of images of an interesting design of different places from editorial to a Lichtenstein Exhibition in the Tate Liverpool. This opened me up to new ideas of what the design can do when it comes to typography. I also found a twitter account that makes Trump’s tweets look that a child’s handwriting so type can say something and be senses of humour.

Out of this small selection of what I looked at I was most inspired by the “Blackout” Spread as I used a lot of the highlighting and bright colours. This was also inspired by a Lichenstien Exbhition I went to in The Tate Liverpool with the colour halftone effects and bright colours.Screen Shot 2018-05-14 at 02.24.55.png


This stage helped me get my thoughts together and see other possibilities and brings me back to the design a total control that I do not have when doing it on a screen.

Screen Shot 2018-05-14 at 02.30.32.png


I kept the colours simple to fit in with how much I focus a lot on fake news and the colours are those of the print presses. But maybe when I start talking about anything that is to do with a digital format I should have used RGB. Then to make the pages fit together I add a purple as this is the colour that is most connected to fake as this is one of the things that come to mind, but maybe blue would work as nothing is naturally blue. Screen Shot 2018-05-14 at 02.32.13


Font Development

Screen Shot 2018-05-14 at 02.37.19

I decided To use Calmetta this was because I felt like it had a really nice tail on the ‘K’ and as I will be using the word ‘Fake’ a lot this is a positive thing. I then played about with the laying of fake as it creates a difficulty in clarity so that you don’t know what is real and connected to the right bits.Screen Shot 2018-05-14 at 02.37.30Screen Shot 2018-05-14 at 02.44.50


This was the first cover design for the cut out of this image is extremely messy. But I played about more with the layering over eyes of a figure. Then I tried with the layering of the words in different CYMK colours. In the end, I crossed out faces with the title at the bottom. Covering the eyes shows that there is something fake about the words being said. Another word for fake is a lie and the eyes can be an indicator that a person is not telling the truth and coving them can mean that the person is hiding something.


This is a timeline of the history of Fake News. This Page was way too cramped so I bought it on to two pages but when it printed it could be on a page that folds out. I did not realise how hard doing a timeline is and how much accuracy is needed.

Screen Shot 2018-05-14 at 02.52.41Screen Shot 2018-05-14 at 02.52.51

I made a number of single pages with Trump’s tweets and ones related and they were quite dull and I could expand on them and make them more expressive and it will break up the pace of the magazine.

Screen Shot 2018-05-14 at 02.53.02Screen Shot 2018-05-14 at 02.53.22Screen Shot 2018-05-14 at 02.53.31

I really like what I have done for this but I really don’t think that I have done enough on this project and that I went off topic.  I did not spend enough pages on the origin of the word Fake. I think that this is only the start of something and that if I get time I will take it, father.

Square-Magazine-MockupfhjjScreen Shot 2018-05-14 at 03.05.12

Grow the Gare Prototype and Final design

I was struggling to bring the idea together. Then I realised that I was over thinking and it’d be better to make one touch point well and then work out from that. I decided to focus on just the seed packet. As this is a cheap and viable way of communicating to Families. This could be to advertise an event that would see a planting the seeds in the packet that would have been grown at home. A reminder flyer would be needed. I made the design for sunflowers for a starting point for Derwen as they are easy to grow even if there is no past gardening knowledge. I decided to make the packet larger than a standard packet to increase the visibility. I don’t think that this really works as it doesn’t feel like a seed packet this is mostly because of the size. This was massively improved when I reduced the size of the packet. There was also some elements that needed cleaning up like the alignment of the instructions on the back is messy and hard to connect with the number.

I think that I managed to make a playful but clear design.

Grow The Gare- Type Design

As I wanted this work to have a more organic feel to it but that would still feel modern and smooth. I knew I would not be able to get this with a font that was computer generated as I tried with a few from Typekit. So I got out the fine-liners and came up with a hand-drawn alphabet. It has a subtle serif that does not appear on each character and part of the character that typically has a serif. I was trying to create a feeling of organised disorganisation. Then bringing in to illustrator to give it a bold feel.


This font was only used for headings and avoided using it in a body text due it having reduced visibility in a smaller format like a seed packet as it is quite bold and I only produced one weight of the font.

I do wish that in the client presentation that I had included that I had created the font my self as it was a massive part of designing the piece.

Mentor Feedback

Through this project, I have been getting feedback from a mentor. We have been utilising Skype and Slack to facilitate this communication. A key bit of feedback was from when I came I sent Mia my ideas and concepts.

“I love the little drawing of the pot with the photo of lavender in the presentation you sent me. I love the mix of photography/simple line art and think as a style, that would really appeal to your audience.”

I found this most helpful as I was humming and harring over which direction to take the visual language of the project.

It was also good to have an extra person to spot things I had missed.

“Your colour palette is nice and simple but I would just watch using similar shades and tones all together – I would err on the side of caution in terms of colour contrast because of your target audience being older.”

Because of this piece of advice, I stripped down my colour down to minimal yellow/orange for the sunflower petals and the black to create a bold contrast on a white background.