FMP- Exhibition Space

It was quite obvious that I would need a board as my work does not need a screen or a massive amount of space. I planned out my space in the space quite easily as I simply need a shelf and posters up. I eneded up changing the plan from A1 to three A2 posters as I couldn’t choose just one to focus on as I believed that all messages needed sharing.

I was going to have the posters aligned perfectly but there was no flow directing the viewer towards the shelf whereas them not being level did.

I do think that there needs to be something added for opening night to make it more of a display than just a board with posters and a shelf on it.


Dissertation Editiorial 2

I took the idea of the map a step beyond and took photos of a map and added to them to the editorial. I changed it up with a more formal serif font. I Feel like I have created a modern interpretation of my dissertation, but if I had more time I would work on improving the rag of the text.

The dashed line running rough represents a cutting line and it is cutting the UK from Europe.

FMP- Poster

I felt like I couldn’t just show the book as it is small and would not exhibit well so based on the findings of the research I developed and created a set of three posters. I choose to focus on mental health, votes at 16 and representation of woman in politics.

Women In Politics

I wanted to create a poster that celebrates the woman that are MPs and MEPs in the Labour party while having a promise of equal representation in the cabinet. At the start, I knew that I wanted a list of names and a placard. But this did not really work as the names were too big and the elements did not work together. I had discussed it with Ian and we talked about making it a texture and I didn’t think this would work as I would have to add more names and make it look disproportional to the amount of woman that is actually in both parliaments.

Screen Shot 2018-05-14 at 00.44.17

I then reduced the size of the list and added two columns down the bottom of the page. While adding the promise that I have talked about earlier. This still seems like the image and the text do not connect. Also, there isn’t something that connecting the tree posters together so David suggested that I use the image of Jeremy Corbyn from the cover as a logo of sorts. I added him to the bottom of each page to do this. Also to connect the elements together I added the lists to the circle to again add texture.

Screen Shot 2018-05-14 at 00.44.24Screen Shot 2018-05-14 at 00.44.48

Mental Health

I have taken the concept from the spread on this topic and developed it for an A2 poster. Then on feedback, David pointed out that I shouldn’t use all of Labour’s colours as the poster was about the Conservatives, so I swapped the Majority colour red to blue and then the circles that were yellow to red.

The basic idea with the circles in this poster is that for every three blue there is one red to show just how many people suffer from a mental health issue this year. The circles are also not the same sizes to show that anyone one can suffer.

Votes at 16

The basic premise of this poster is that there is a number of things in the UK that you can do with an MP when you turn 16 but you can not vote for them. This is to highlight that this is a silly idea and if you can do these things why can’t you. This was actually debated in parliament on the day of the deadline.

FMP- Final Publiction Reflection

Time is running out and I really could have done with more time to perfect certain aspects of my design. Like my rag could be better and there are a number of orphans and lonely lines. But I really needed to send to print in case anything major goes wrong and I will have time to change it. I would have loved to have brought in more hand-drawn elements.

I am really happy with the final booklet/magazine considering I had to restart literally eight days ago. I think that it had stopped me from overdesigning (when it comes to things like font). I think it is bright and my use of colour is well considered.  Each page is it’s own while fitting in with a running theme. I have learnt that I actually like working at a fast pace with having no choice in being fast.

final fmpfinal fmp2final fmp3final fmp4final fmp5final fmp6final fmp7final fmp8final fmp9final fmp10final fmp11final fmp12final fmp13final fmp14final fmp15final fmp16final fmp17final fmp18final fmp19final fmp20final fmp21final fmp22final fmp23final fmp24final fmp25

FMP Reaserch

Instagram of Inspiration

I find that I found a lot of inspiration when I am scrolling through Instagram. I follow a lot of typography accounts that share different ways of displaying text. @itsnicethat is a really good account it posts a range of images forms their online design magazine. (like the one I have included here uses simple highlighting creates a great sense of hierarchy.

I was looking at a number of different styles of working not just from the design world but from the art world. I looked at the bold statements of the Gorilla girls to the type treatment from Barbara Kruger and I wanted to have a mixture of these two tones of work.

Screen Shot 2018-05-11 at 08.11.09.png

I wanted the colours to share with the Labour parties colours. I took colours from posters new and old to decide what colour I should use. I decided to simplify the colours out and focus on primary red and yellow as I thought that these are associated with the party and the yellow from back when the Labour party was true to its socialist routes and as the parties policies are shifting towards this now and yellow might reflect that.Screen Shot 2018-05-11 at 08.05.11

I liked the illustration of this leaflet as it is trying to show that the Labour Party is inclusive of everyone and there are multiple numbers of reasons that someone would join the party. But it comes across flat and does not really pop out at you. I could have really done with a bright background.


A Reflection on Criticality

I think that this was one of the projects that I have struggled with that most this year. I found it incredibly hard to get my head around it initially and really what I had to do it. But looking back at it

I always seem to get the best ideas post projects and luckily with this project I was able to redo it in the Easter break. I don’t think I went for the topic of Brexit the first time around as I had just finished my dissertation and had written about advertising Brexit. So I was sick to death of it (and I sort of still am). The time between the two different projects made it that much easier. I ended up really enjoying compleating the piece in the end and this inspired me to make the illustration in the FMP of Theresa May shooting lasers out of her eyes at houses.