Constellation Level 5- Reflection

In constellation, we are to start thinking in more of a critical manner to our work and what we learn in the study groups. I think I added more depth to what I learnt in constellation last year in level 4 when we were I looking more at the meaning and a number of different ideas. It was great to expand upon this and look at an idea then to take my own meaning from the theory rather than just being that’s an idea and here’s another. In the study group, we would look at a theory then read on what others had to say about this and what they took from it. I found this helpful as if I didn’t quite understand what the original piece say someone else could say it in a way I can understand more than before and taking ideas from a number of different places to create a well-rounded opinion.

I found the study group, for the most part, a positive experience when it comes to the content. I partook in “Transdisciplinarity and the Experimenters: explorations on methodological practices in Art and Design” we covered subjects from the multiverse to wunderkammers to how one person’s reality is not the same as another’s even if they were experiencing the same thing at the same place. This is something that I have tried to take into account when doing work in both the field and the subject module.

I wrote the essay for this study group on “How Does Doctor Strange Explore and Represent The Multiverse?”. I did not really know what I was going on about when I compleated, there was no plan that I followed or structure. This is something I tried to improve upon when I was writing my dissertation a few months later. Another problem I faced was that the film I was referring to had only just been realised into the cinema so it was difficult to refer back to scenes as I was limited to what was realised in the promotion of the film.

For my dissertation, I am going to write a critical essay looking at political posters. Looking a theory on visual language, historical examples and those from the two Brexit campaigns.  I knew in what sort of direction I loosely wanted to take my dissertation in from the get go. I found that limiting the subject down to find examples from Soviet/Communist and Brexit helped my when I started to complete the reading. Whereas before I was swimming in a sea of examples and this was completely overwhelming. I then search for books in the library that focused on visual language theory and the posters as separate beings so that I will be able to apply the theory to my own analysis of the posters (while trying to look at a number of different views points of the posters). I found it quite difficult to find anything that was truly academic on graphic design in the Brexit campaigns, as it was an extremely recent event.

Writing about Brexit came across from a group research project I compleated in the subject module where we were given a word and we had to find several examples of design for persuasion and our word was “Politics”. We focused on  Brexit and Donald Trump. I found that having something that I had lived through helpful as I was able to find a persional connection to it and is more relvent to my practice today.


The One With a Description of a Photograph

In this session we looked at an image that was a projection of an image and then had to describe the

There is a young child (most like around the age of 6 months at the oldest) the photo is in the day light. She is sat on a cheaply made baby seat that is made out of white plastic. It looks like the baby is watching the TV alone and has been forgotten. This photo is from the latter half of the 20th century, this is gathered from the style of the television it’s metal casing, big back and own wheels are a sign of this. Also the image on the screen is in black and white and depicts a space shuttle which leads to believe that this could have been possibly taken in the 60’s around the time of the space race. It is obvious that there has been some sort of family celebration as the are many cards on the side table and on top of the TV it could have been a birthday or a new baby. This could lead to be believed that the baby is a newborn and the family have just left her alone to watch TV; it could be an omen for her future that she’d be ignored and cast aside. I am not sure whether this photo was a amuture family photo or a staged set up by a photographer.

We then discussed the photo and it turned out that it was a family photo that was taken and in a family photo album. Also it turned out that the young child was not a girl but a boy and this could bring up the fact we assumed that he was a girl due to the colour of her clothes.

The One When I Think About Experimenting, Transdisciplinary and The Multiverse…


This week I started on my second year constellation study group. I initially was extremely by having to sit for five hours straight. I would love to say that time flew by, but it didn’t it was heavy hitting (this could improve in the next few sessions when I get more of a grasp of the subject that we are covering).

In the first part of the lecture we where looking at the different definitions of experimenting  that are laid out in the introduction to “Black Mountain College Between Chance and Design.” These definitions where put forward in three different ways by three different people: Joesf Albers, John Cage and R. Buckminster Fuller. Albers view on experimenting was a more controlled way of experimenting, having no room for accidents, and following patterns. Cage’s definition on the other hand was the total opposite with a view focusing on innovation and throwing away the notion of pattern. Fuller had more of a scientific approach to experimenting it was about collecting data and changing variables.

We talked about how we fit in with the definitions of experimentation in our own practice while using an example of how we would experiment. I used an example of designing an editorial spread and dissected how I would separate each element of the the design and then bring it together. I identified that in graphics that I always know what my final outcome will be so I go into experimenting in a very directed way that there are already constantes on my experimenting from the get go. This linked into what Fuller believed experimenting to be as I tend to bring all the elements together and then see what works and what doesn’t and changing one thing at a time to get to the end goal.

Introduction into Transdisciplinary

In the lecture I got totally lost and overwhelmed in the meaning of what transdisciplinary means but with a few days between the lecture and rereading my notes I manage to understand a find layer of basic understanding on the subject. I understand than “trans” means across, between or beyond. This means that transdisciplinary is about going across different disciplines and seeing (and working together) and that going to benefit us all.