Great Expectaions-First page layouts

In this workshop in pairs we redesigned the first page of Great Expectations. We were very constricted due to the small size we were given to design onto. The rag is really bad in the stand first and the body text it looks really messy because it’s all over the place. This is obviously something I need to keep in mind when doing the layout for the editorial spreads. I personally don’t like the font we used for the majority of the content as I personally find sans-serif difficult to read and I also think that it is an obvious choice as it makes the design seem very business like and traditional so there was no new feeling about the text itself just that it is in two columns instead of one. We also forgot to not allow from hyphenations and they always look extremely messy and all over the place. The hierarchy of text was difficult when doing this piece because there is so much to fit on the page this already made the page have too much information on it and no negative space to break up the information into more digestible and easier on the eye chunks.

Screen Shot 2016-05-30 at 07.53.32


Football Shirts- Editorial Image

In this workshop in groups we had to design a image that related to an article that we had only just read in that session. The article was about the price people pay for football shirts and if they should include the sponsor’s logo on or are people just paying to advertise. For example people pay £50 for a replica Liverpool which still has the Standard Chartered logo on. This isn’t something that interested me in the slightest, this could be a good thing as it was more challenging to come up with any ideas for the imaginary. As a group we drafted a few ideas in sketches and we decided to stick with more obvious imagery for the design. We were playing with having a kit covered in logos and having money tucked into the shorts and maybe coming out the arms as if to show that all the club sees you as a money spending free advertising creacher. We were aloud to use images found on the internet as it was only a quick workshop this meant we were able to use logos and a image of a football shirt that we turned into a vector. I personally think that this image would work best as a hand drawn piece and have it full of logos to make the shape and not just placed on a image of a shirt. I don’t think the image is that great of image as it was very much rushed. I think with the images for my editorial spread I will take a less obvious approach to the imagery and lead the viewer more than just shoving it in their faces for this article it felt appropriate as that is what the advertisements on the shirts does.

Book Making Workshop 

In this workshop we worked with an illustrator creating books using different binding.

The first technique  was made using only folding and cutting of a single sheet of paper. The book is not what is normally thought as a book, a positive could be that you use both sides. Using both sides could be interesting as you could be telling the story from one point of view and the other side a different view on the same narrative it could give a more dimensions to the story giving it something different to other books. A negative to this type of fold is that the book doesn’t fold flat if you use a lot of pages.

The next type of book binding I explored was a more traditional way of making books which is the three whole stitch. This is more of what I think of when someone says books to me, this could end up making the book a safe format but that could be what the designer is going for depending on the narrative or the other content inside of the book.

Laser Cut Workshop

In this workshop I was introduced to the laser cutter. I created a simple vector design in illustratior to be cut on the laser cutter.    I tested the cut on paper first to see if the design held together. The ‘W’ in ‘were’ was too close to the edge of the cut so I increased the primiter of the canvas so not to cause any snapage. I also thought the text at the bottom of the design would work better as an engaging then a cut. 
I then cut the design on an acrylic sheet. Due to time constraints I was unable to do the etching elements to the design. 

I can see the protentual to using the laser cutter. One being that you could make a detailed cut out piece on card like Rob Ryan’s work, another could be a stencil or even changing the type of material that is used in a graphics product to bring something new and interesting to it. 

Print Making 

In this workshop we exporled different types of print that are available for use in university. Theses range from screen print to Digital prints to 3D printing to Lino Printing. 

We then took rubbings of textures and objects.    
The print above was from a leaf. I think that the vains came out really well and could be used as an over lay or background texture. 

 The rubbing below didn’t come out as a decent texture or image.   The image above turned out better then I expected. It picked up the text really clearly. I don’t know how I could use thins ribbing in future work. 

PhotoShop Workshop

photoshopWorkshopMy first workshop of the year was one in Photoshop. In the workshop I felt quite rusty at first as it had been a while since I last had a play about on PhotoShop and even then it was on a PC not a Mac. I quite enjoyed using it again. I forty five minutes to create an A5 cover for an article. I created a textured background using the photos provided in the brief, I like the effect  of the mountain range it created and the texture is almost a rocky or one of crumpled paper.

I tried to limit the colours used to make it more of an understated design so it wasn’t tacky in any way. If had had more time I would of tried this with the black text with I don’t think it fits in with the rest of the design. I think this looks out of place and would of done with a play about on blending techniques to make it work more. The text is just too much of a contrast as I have tried to be subtle with the details, for example the figure in the top left hand corner is only noticeable if you look close enough.

The green specs over the to gives it a sort of printed effect which I like as it made it seam more interesting then without it gave it a more organic feel to how it looks.


Firstly I am excited to be writing this blog post as it is a start of a new chapter in my life, secondly I’m terrified for the exact same reasons. I am hoping that the next three years are full of firsts, in the two weeks since I moved to Cardiff from Liverpool I have had many firsts. Theses include first rent payment, first time being away from my family, first time being called for jury duty (I am hopefully going to have deferred to the summer), and the first time I actually understood how to use Adobe Illustrator.

I hope I make lots of mistakes but that I only make them once. Learning what went wrong through personal experience and the mistakes of others is what makes you a better person. That’s what I really want to be in life is a better person, to look at the world in a number of different ways as a designer, a informed human being, as other people seeing things and to understand that they could physically be looking at the same thing but they see it differently because of personal experiences.

I would like to take theses things though the next three years and beyond with me.