Updates/Changes to Editorial

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I think that adding the pink background has brought each spread together. Changing the images on the first and third spreads from photographs to hand drawn illustrations fit in more together than before. Even though these parts have improved the design somewhat there are still some parts that still were not too great and that needed improving up on. Theses being: I was still having trouble with the rag of the body text being way too all over the place (so this needed to be sorted out as well as the widows and orphans that I had previously forgotten to check for), this could be changed by increasing the size of my font as I decided to use a quite small font before I cut down the text to fit more in but I had not changed it back . Another element I need to improve on is that the third spread still seems way too similar in how I have gone about the layout as the second one, this could be because I have used the same amount of layers or that I have images that go across the two pages of the spread (I could do this by moving all the text on to one side and decreasing the number of columns and then just having  the call out surrounded by the laces on the other page). I also need to change silly things I forgot to do like, not use document bleeds when converting to PDF, not check m and n dashes and having the margins way too small.

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I changed these things about my design for the final one and it looked a lot better (even though know I have just noticed a couple of orphans that have slipped past me). I also changing the darker red details to white/a light blue as helped a lot as it breaks up the design a bit more as it was a bit too pink with the red as it was all I could focus on when looking at the page.

When I was happy with the design I took it to a professional printer. I was very much surprised at the high quality of the print compared to the university printers. It’s a crisp print and the colour is very rich and matches to the colours on screen. The prints were then trimmed down and bound ready for exhibition.

I am actually really happy with the final outcome of this project considering I had broken the wrist of my writing/drawing arm and was in a cast for four weeks of the project. Yes the illustrations aren’t as strong as they could have been but I managed to get them done and they are not too bad is a bonus. This considering the panic that I wouldn’t be able to get any work done is (well personally anyways) looking back an achievement in itself (at the the time I just wanted to get on with it).


Animation (final piece)

I’m in two minds on whether I actually liked my animation or not. There’s some parts that I really like that I think are strong and others I can’t stand. But by the time I got to sort of end to it I couldn’t even stand to look at my laptop anymore. It’s not that I didn’t enjoy the actual animating I did it was finding sound that fitted into the animation. Actually in the end I didn’t find any music that fitted in I just shoved some generic ukulele music in the background that’s actually quite annoying. Looking back after sometime I could have easily avoided this by recording some speech and that would have been enough, but I was panicking too much about the actual animating to even think about the sound as it was an afterthought and it is so obvious it is. I also think that the characters could have done with a bit more movement as they are very still (maybe some running).

On a more positive note I really like the the stills of the frames as illustrations. It was a style I wasn’t used to doing of characters as they are the most cartoon like I have ever done before (as I normally do more sketchy drawings of people). I enjoyed how this challenged me and I like the close ups on the faces had a somewhat dramatic feel to them. I know that in the final frames the car should have been darker to blend in more with the scenery as it is too light.

Animation- Ball Bounce


To quickly try a quick storyboard sketch I decided to do a small ball bounce in 14 frames. As a actual storyboard I would need to leave spaces between each thumbnail to leave room for me to annotate the step, but as a way of quickly getting ideas down onto paper this was a perfectly okay technique.

To quickly turn this into a animation I used the social media app Vine. The app takes video (with in a 6 second time frame) the video can be made by combining snippets of video (if done quick enough a image can be captured.  Even though the app is quick, easy and was okay for an experiment there is more drawbacks to using Vine as a animation tool (as this is not the purpose of the app. These are things like it is hard to control frames per second, the video has to be square, it’s hard to control the focusing as using a iPhone and because you are using a iPhone it realises on the steadiness of your hand. This could be a good app to use when trying to work out how exactly to do something as it gives a rough idea of what it will look like when it is moving.

Story Book Revisted


When I initially made the story book I wanted to make it a pop up book. I decided to make a quick mockup of a six double page spread pop up book. This is a more challenging approach to the brief. To improve this I would add colour and make it out of thicker card and add characters into the illustrations. I do actually really like this design and would like to do more/develop this further. I think it also helped that I didn’t try to fit in too much content into the design I focused on the same scene that I did for my animation project.

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