FMP- Poster

I felt like I couldn’t just show the book as it is small and would not exhibit well so based on the findings of the research I developed and created a set of three posters. I choose to focus on mental health, votes at 16 and representation of woman in politics.

Women In Politics

I wanted to create a poster that celebrates the woman that are MPs and MEPs in the Labour party while having a promise of equal representation in the cabinet. At the start, I knew that I wanted a list of names and a placard. But this did not really work as the names were too big and the elements did not work together. I had discussed it with Ian and we talked about making it a texture and I didn’t think this would work as I would have to add more names and make it look disproportional to the amount of woman that is actually in both parliaments.

Screen Shot 2018-05-14 at 00.44.17

I then reduced the size of the list and added two columns down the bottom of the page. While adding the promise that I have talked about earlier. This still seems like the image and the text do not connect. Also, there isn’t something that connecting the tree posters together so David suggested that I use the image of Jeremy Corbyn from the cover as a logo of sorts. I added him to the bottom of each page to do this. Also to connect the elements together I added the lists to the circle to again add texture.

Screen Shot 2018-05-14 at 00.44.24Screen Shot 2018-05-14 at 00.44.48

Mental Health

I have taken the concept from the spread on this topic and developed it for an A2 poster. Then on feedback, David pointed out that I shouldn’t use all of Labour’s colours as the poster was about the Conservatives, so I swapped the Majority colour red to blue and then the circles that were yellow to red.

The basic idea with the circles in this poster is that for every three blue there is one red to show just how many people suffer from a mental health issue this year. The circles are also not the same sizes to show that anyone one can suffer.

Votes at 16

The basic premise of this poster is that there is a number of things in the UK that you can do with an MP when you turn 16 but you can not vote for them. This is to highlight that this is a silly idea and if you can do these things why can’t you. This was actually debated in parliament on the day of the deadline.


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