Grow the Gare Prototype and Final design

I was struggling to bring the idea together. Then I realised that I was over thinking and it’d be better to make one touch point well and then work out from that. I decided to focus on just the seed packet. As this is a cheap and viable way of communicating to Families. This could be to advertise an event that would see a planting the seeds in the packet that would have been grown at home. A reminder flyer would be needed. I made the design for sunflowers for a starting point for Derwen as they are easy to grow even if there is no past gardening knowledge. I decided to make the packet larger than a standard packet to increase the visibility. I don’t think that this really works as it doesn’t feel like a seed packet this is mostly because of the size. This was massively improved when I reduced the size of the packet. There was also some elements that needed cleaning up like the alignment of the instructions on the back is messy and hard to connect with the number.

I think that I managed to make a playful but clear design.


Grow The Gare- Type Design

As I wanted this work to have a more organic feel to it but that would still feel modern and smooth. I knew I would not be able to get this with a font that was computer generated as I tried with a few from Typekit. So I got out the fine-liners and came up with a hand-drawn alphabet. It has a subtle serif that does not appear on each character and part of the character that typically has a serif. I was trying to create a feeling of organised disorganisation. Then bringing in to illustrator to give it a bold feel.


This font was only used for headings and avoided using it in a body text due it having reduced visibility in a smaller format like a seed packet as it is quite bold and I only produced one weight of the font.

I do wish that in the client presentation that I had included that I had created the font my self as it was a massive part of designing the piece.

Mentor Feedback

Through this project, I have been getting feedback from a mentor. We have been utilising Skype and Slack to facilitate this communication. A key bit of feedback was from when I came I sent Mia my ideas and concepts.

“I love the little drawing of the pot with the photo of lavender in the presentation you sent me. I love the mix of photography/simple line art and think as a style, that would really appeal to your audience.”

I found this most helpful as I was humming and harring over which direction to take the visual language of the project.

It was also good to have an extra person to spot things I had missed.

“Your colour palette is nice and simple but I would just watch using similar shades and tones all together – I would err on the side of caution in terms of colour contrast because of your target audience being older.”

Because of this piece of advice, I stripped down my colour down to minimal yellow/orange for the sunflower petals and the black to create a bold contrast on a white background.