Feild Summary

I am still not sure how beneficial the two projects have been for my practice as in terms of pieces of work for my portfolio. Both projects focused more on the making stuff and exploring different techniques of working. But this does not mean I did not take anything from them. I became a lot more aware of how I work and was more relaxed in making something that was not perfect. I think that I have improved my process by not spending so much time upon making the in between stages from idea to final outcome.

I think one of the things that I found most helpful to me was the focus on to research both of the two projects had (in fact this was the main focus of the project content). This is something I have became lax about in subject and have wanted to improve upon so I have more informed work in future. I have already seen this within the constellation module when writing the dissertation proposal I found that I actually enjoyed the research process. Another way that field has inspired my dissertation proposal was the trip to Berlin in the second term as being in a city with so much history in recent (in the greater scheme of the massive amount of years humans have been on earth)  this made me want to see what role my subject had played in parts of this politically fueled discontent and revolution.

In both projects, I have improved my photography skills massively (touristy in Berlin and learning how to use a much more advanced camera than I was used to in Pembrokeshire). I have become much more aware of how a camera catches the light and how this can add or ruin the image, leading me to not have to take as many photos before I get the good shot. Obviously, I still have to take many images to get the image I want but I am much more aware of what I am shooting and how I am shooting it than I have been in the past. Getting more experience of this will only befit my practice. I am excited to experiment more with photography over the summer break and become more knowledgeable in digital photography and maybe even explore other techniques of capturing photographic imagery.

Overall, even if I did not manage to create much traditionally graphic design work, the field module has been a positive and enjoyable experience this year. I hope to return to Berlin in the near future and taking much more of the city and the museums, galleries and culture that the city has to offer. I also plan on learning how to speak some basic German as well.  I have learnt that I should just go somewhere to draw and take photos even if I do nothing with them because I do enjoy the process.