Dementia Friends

I started the working process in this project by taking the online Dementia Friend course so that I was aware what I was designing for. They then sent me a small booklet that is designed in a friendly and cheerful way. I wanted to keep this tone in the work I created later. There are some parts that look like they’ve mocked up a style of paper cut out which I really like.Screen Shot 2017-06-06 at 01.14.28

  I came up with two main ideas for animations or GIFs.

One idea focuses on that the course only takes an hour to complete and saying what waste of time/dull things you can do then change. The other is looking at a number of people who live with dementia in Wales and try to be emotive to people. I wanted them to be short and snappy to be shared on their Facebook page as people only have a short attention span when it comes to Facebook photos.

Screen Shot 2017-06-06 at 02.11.30

  I had decided to go along with the idea I had of having a hand drawn video of someone drawing as it’s filmed. I tested different pens to see which showed up better and it was a sharpie as it shows up clearly but it is not too big.


I am really unhappy with how the video turned out I feel like it is like someone’s GCSE project. It is just poor quality and jumpy. The music is annoying and repetitive. Harriet the client seemed to like it but I think she was most likely just being polite.  The whole video just greats on me and I hate it so much. She suggested it to be in colour.

Video link 

Screen Shot 2017-06-06 at 02.29.41I designed a poster to go along with the video so that we would be able to communicate to the residents that would not use the internet and would miss the video and it’s message. I played upon the second idea of the emotive message saying it could be someone they know.  I don’t feel like theses two pieces fit together and are two totally different things instead as part of a set.derwin poster derwin poster final finalThen looking back at the booklet from Dementia Friends I wanted to create something that is more in that tone than what I created. So I didn’t totally rethink the idea I just changed the way that I approached it. Using the illustrations from the original I created a GIF that is much more professionally produced and I edited the poster to be in the same style as the GIF.right-spelling


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