Persuasion- Initial Client Meeting

As a group we arranged to meet up with the client Harriet  Bleach, using Billy as a spokesperson in emails (rather than bombarding her with six emails) and arranged a quieter room and  a parking space on campus. We pooled together and curated a list of questions to ask. If this was to be done again I would not do this as it seamed like a number of us didn’t have any questions when the list that was discussed was from different members of the group. But even after all of this I found the meeting extremely helpful and positive experience. I think that working with the client will be a experience that is nothing but beneficial as she isn’t too sure what is wanted.

One of the main things I wanted to find out from the meeting was what format/s that Harriet wanted the materials to be (digital, video, posters, letters, flyers, ect…). She seamed to be very excited about trying to have some digital content for social media- this mainly being the companies Facebook page as she expressed that a surprising (to us) number of residents use the platform on a tablet (e.g. iPads). Also it would link in with another campaign she is running to encourage more adamant residents to learn how to use technology, including Facebook. I took that she wanted something that was shareable and on Facebook this means something that isn’t too long or complex to understand.

To be inclusive she also seamed to want to include the non-technological members of the community to also get the information to sign up to become a dementia friend and that she didn’t actually know how many people would actually read a letter if it was sent out or jut bin it and that letters are quite expensive. She did seam to be keen on having posters in the shared spaces and on the outdoor notice boards (on a number of their sites).

Another question we had for her was what approach she would not like us to take in the delivery of her message. She did not want to shock people into joining and I can see why a the whole point of dementia friends is to be compassionate and understanding with people who are living with it and this approach could scare off. So I think that I am going to be going for a lively and more of an every day relatable feel to what I produce. I would still like to have some sort of emotive message in it that could be back up with  a formative one.

So form this meeting I have decided to create some sort of video or GIF and banner for Facebook (this could also reach family and friends of residents) and a poster using the same visual language. So my next step is  sketch out some ideas and storyboard for the next time we meet up with the client.


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