Persuasion-Creative Brief

This project I am working for Derwen Cymru, a housing association (that is based in Newport) that houses around 1,000 residents that are over the age of 55. I am directly working with one of their members of staff Harriet Bleach and will be having a number of meetings with her to discuss the project, her needs and also in what format that she would want this delivered.

It is also mentioned that the client’s target audience is the residents of the properties. They all live independently live in areas that are apartment like and have minimal communal spaces. Another thing I will have to consider the font and sizing as it is common that sight problems can be an issue that comes with age.

The outcome is to be aimed towards the residents and is to somehow encourage them to sign up to an hour long course to become a dementia friend. The Dementia Friends campaign is run by the Alzheimer’s Society and the main aim is to provide training to the public to improve the communication with people living with dementia, both with the understanding what dementia is and how it affects the individual, also how they can help them.

Another audience that the client has not considered is the family and loved ones to residents that are living with the condition so that they can have a greater understanding of the problems that are facing their family. Also, this hopefully eases some of the pain that is caused to the loved ones.

I am not sure on what outcomes of the projects are going to be in the end whether this is will be mainly print-based (whether this is posters or some sort of leaflet or booklet) or another way. This is something that I will have to discuss with Harriet when I meet with her. As I am not sure how many older people will be on social media which could be another way to reach an audience without costing a penny as they sound to have quite a limited budget if any at all.

Questions About the Brief

  • How do we encourage residents to become dementia friends?
  • How can we raise awareness of what dementia friends do?
  • What platforms would be effective in communicating the message to residents?
  • What have they done in the past?

Calls To Action

  • Regester now!
  • Sign up to become a dementia friend
  • Change, alter, modify they way you see dementia become a dementia friend

Action Statements

  • How can we reach inclusively residents that would be inclined to support fellow residents living with dementia to become dementia friends?
  • How can we persuade residents to book on to a session?

 Things to Consider

  • Colours- Gender neutral, not too bright or dark that could possibly make hard to read, viewable for colour blind
  • Font- large for viewability, not overly fancy (avoid script), simple (maybe a Futura)
  • Sensitivity- not to patronise or offend
  • What has already done- so not to repeat it

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