Field Project 2- Magical Objects Overview

This project has really opened my eye to the beliefs of other cultures and my own catholic upbringing and they have beliefs that objects have their own powers or meanings. I also found this on the trip to Berlin that we still think along the same lines today. Like in Berlin the remembrance of the wall are so prominent though out the area of the city in which we were staying in these are to act as a reminder of the past and to try and learn from it (the same can be said with the holocaust museum and memorial).

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I found that Berlin was so inspiring as a city as their art and good graphic design is everywhere on the street not just in galleries. This made it seem like creativity was very accessible as you really couldn’t get away from it. This is from advertising posters to street art (graffiti). I’ve never left somewhere so desperate to vist again and know that the experience would be so different. The city made me want to learn more about it’s past, more than my history GCSE has to lead me to more of the post-war.

I enjoyed creating and using materials in this project rather than jumping for photoshop after sketching ideas out. I think I could link a lot of the work into this project into my work (not so much the branding but the other aspects such as editorial work.) I found that the magic soap workshop got me to work on one thing and get it finish within a few hours 16788163_10210529459184692_468055091_nand not be so perfect with it so I could use this way of working to create mock-ups of future projects.

Also getting hands on with materials have brought me back to wanting to make illustrations again which I think I will be redoing my book cover for the penguin book cover competition.

The layering of the cardboard masks made me think how I could bring this in digitally on photoshop but I think that this could possibly ruin the effect of the masks as they have their own character and personality. I think that I could take the colours from this into my work as they aren’t the sort of colours I’ve used before as I normally use more muted colours or pure process colours.

16809075_10210523638439177_459562681_nI think that actually modelling the Dan Masks in clay helped me imagine things in three dimensions as this is something I have always struggled with (due to mild dispaxia). This gave me the ability to see shadows for future illustrations I plan to do of the masks.

I want to take aspects of this project into my subject work like not being afraid to make a physical object and photograph it and to create more detailed mock-up of ideas quickly in colour instead of it always being black and white all the time.


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