Field- Magic Soap

Magic Soaps (from South America) are believed to possess certain powers if used in as instructed on the packaging. These powers range from a number of different things from luck in love to wealth to getting your husband to do more around the house. The packaging itself tends to have a quirky illustration with the name of the soap and sometimes a brief description. I personally love the range of different styles and the humour that is put into the designs.

screen-shot-2017-02-16-at-01-12-15I then took a shot of creating my own designs for magic soap. My first step in designing the packaging was to sketch out ideas for a few ideas and then ended up settling on the idea of a soap to bring people together on a common political cause, it was named ‘Solidarity Soap’ I included a hand drawn raised fist  and layered in different colours making this into the vocal point of the design. The outcome of the soap box was one I was happy with in the printed box even though I would have wanted the black to be more black than it is (this was a problem with the printer and the paper that I had used).16754698_10210529459064689_1734257492_n

I then completed a design for another magic soap box design, that was inspired by Les Miserables. I was thinking of what the characters would have wanted from a magic soap. These where things like one for Eponine for the man she loved to realise her feelings and one for Javert to finally capture ‘prisoner 24641’. I then decided to design for the character Enjolras (who leads the attempt of revolution). The soap was intended for luck on the barricades.

I used the lyric from one of his speech songs. This became the focal point of the design with the flag of the revolution in the background than which leads down to the barricades that encircle the bottom of the box. I did this design roughly using coloured pencils and I would like to bring this into photoshop or do something with watercolours.16788163_10210529459184692_468055091_n I really enjoyed creating this packaging and just creating the pieces quickly and not over thinking every little aspect which I intend to do. I could possibly take this quick way of working to make make mock-ups in a short amount of time.


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