Field- Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe and Museum (Berlin)

Well first of that my first impression was that it really was just a lot of concert blocks as this was what I had seen at first.

I was aware that each block represented an equal amount of the 3 million Jews who had lost their lives due to the mass genocide under the Nazi’s in the backend of the first half of the 20th century. Even though this was all I could see it was still a vast area of these concrete blocks and you could see how big this was just like when you just look at the holocaust as just numbers and not at the people and personal experiences. Then going in deeper into the memorial through the spaces through the slabs the ground below is uneven and then the slabs were towering above me and the feeling is heavy and cold (even though it was Berlin in January it got colder). The shape of the ground also made the sound seem almost underwater like and quite and I came in my own bubble.

Then from the memorial, I went into the information centre/museum that then put a very human face onto the memorial with a focus on, families that had fallen, diary entries and letters that the victims had written to their families and other loved ones. What had most moved me and made me cry was the room that was dark and had projections of the names of the victims and a voiceover in German then in English of the names, if they surived, place of birth, camps they where in and age of death. I was move to tears. Then leaving back through the memorial gave it more of a meaning than before.

This is one of the places I felt quite sick after going to and I didn’t enjoy. But I am glad I went that it was imporant and everyone should vist and learn from. Esspically Mr D Trump (Aka, literally Hitler).



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