Field-Traveling Masks-Passport Masks

Passport masks are miniature versions of West African masks that were carried around. The Dan masks tend to be symmetrical, with a line down the centre and a pointed chin.

I had a go at creating my own small passport like masks out of air dried clay and then painted them using a base of emulsion and colour layer of acrylic.

This is the first attempt at creating a clay mask and I think that the outcome is of a creepy ghost like character. This is made by the shape of the character’s head is quite a misshapen but still in a shape of a human head. The missing eye gives the character a creepier. I would like to develop this character into an illustration of some sort or another. The colour is a bit of a dirty colour which could possibly only add to the character as he looks like he is moulding like he could actually dead.

This mask is inspired by David Bowie’s iconic album cover for ‘Aladdin Sane’. The lightening bolt that is over one eye. I tried to make it look like the mask is in pain or screaming in a way which is in contrast with the actual cover as Bowie looks more peaceful. I used bright colours on this one to give it more of a graphic feel to it. As with the other mask, I could imagine bringing this into an illustration of some sort.

The idea of the passport masks could be an interesting concept for some sort editorial design on identity. Also, this could be a unique way of promoting a brand of some sort may be made of cardboard, I am not a hundred percent sure how it would work or if it would at all. I also defiantly want to create illustrations from the characters and possibly take these into an animation.


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