Field- Layered Masks

This workshop I created a couple of masks that were made with cardboard then painted on detail. We started the session with looking at a collection of masks and drawing them this was interesting to see how open the topics that we were creating could be, this was from realistic to the bazaar to the ceremonial.

I then sketch out a few ideas for masks that I could create out of cardboard and I came up with the idea of creating a mask inode of David Bowie with his famous lightning bolt makeup over the eye but while also keeping it anonymous in identity as I was also thinking about the masks that the death eaters were in Harry Potter to keep their identity hidden. These masks are a dark in colour and remove all recognisable features even though each one is personal to the character. I wanted to make something a bit lighter than this with colour but that would still remind the viewer of where the design came from. I think that I was able to do this with the pale colours and the lack of recognisable features.

After looking at the first mask I created tutor James suggested that I look at masks in music fashion (like Slipknot and Lady Gaga). After looking at what Lady Gaga wears which is an awful lot of extream shapes and points but they tend to only be in one colour. This made me want to create a mask using the points. I decided to cut out a load of triangles and to see what I was able to create. I think that the outcome is a tad softer due to the colours and the material used.