Field- Things Under the Sun in Refelection

I really enjoyed this project and found that I have developed my information gathering techniques immensely. I found that I was put out of my comfort zone quite a bit in many ways. One of these being I’m used to having a brief to work from this giving me a set of preselection of constraints and having an aim of what the final outcome is going to be. This project basically had free range to develop the information in any way that we wanted to (yes in graphics we get to interpret the brief in the way we want but still with the end in sight) I did enjoy this but coming into the last week and a bit I found that I was finding it difficult to do any work because I was wanting to add text and create some sort of communicative piece of information but I wasn’t to sure what I wanted to say and I didn’t want to fall back into what I normally do (what was easy).

Another way I was put out of my comfort zone was braising the elements in Pembrokeshire while working on the ‘100 drawings’ exercise. The rain on the second day lead me to doing the drawing hurried and quickly which makes some of them unrecognisable. The hole excise got me excited about drawing again as I was trying to get the basic out lines and shapes of the landscape. This lead to a more interesting way of communicating the landscape in a more illustrative way. I found that I felt more positive about the work I was doing in this project general after looking back at the drawings I did in Pembrokeshire and treating this as a hand drawn illustration project as I was getting overwhelmed with the possibilities as I felt stuck in print and there was only so much I could do with it in the short space of the time.

When I was looking at my drawings (from both the Pembrokeshire and the Neath Valley/Port Talbot trips) I thought that developing thesen into print was the more natural way of going with the lines I had used. I was excited to get back into the print room. The first print technique I explored was monoprint I was working negatively which I find much more interesting as I like the mystery that the bigger blocks of black and working positively I sometimes (not always) just looks like a crap line drawing. I found that in one print I used a lot of pattern to make up the image of the print, this made it seem that there was life on the mountain even though there was little. This idea just pulled me more towards the information I collected in Pembrokeshire.

The second printing technique I explored was dry point. I am not too keen on this technique as it tends to make my wrist hurt (from when I broke it in first year) and that I don’t think the outcome for a linear illustration is worth the effort as it is achievable if drawn using different weights of fineliner. I also struggled with the scaling up of the image and the layering of the tissue paper I was trying to use negative space to create a feel of the vastness of the landscape itself but it just ended up looking half finished instead.

This project it was the first time I had picked a camera in a long time. I found that this was a positive experience, I enjoyed being able to capture light and shadow effectively. I have always liked the instant capturing of an image that pointing a dslr at a scene, this is because it gives you a risk free way of taking a lot of different of shots and angles. I love how it can capture the rich colours, shadows and textures the landscapes have to offer.

I wanted to add something to the illustrations that I created when I applied a technique I have used previously just on text. This was the layering of the same image in different colours and slightly off and overlapping to create a sort of glitchy design. I tried to limit the colours I used by sticking the the two main colour processing types: RGB (red, green and blue, together make black) which is the colours of light that can make any screen colour that you see projected or on a computer and CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow and key- which is black) which is the colours of ink used in the printing process for commercial and home printers.

I then combined this technique and creating an image out of a surface pattern together to create a lively piece that looks like it is full of life. It has a psychedelic feel to it as it is a bit trippy and the colours combined give it more of an another dimension to it. I do think that the blue is an extremely overpowering.Screen Shot 2016-12-08 at 00.28.30.png

Over all I think this project has had a positive effect on how I have been working in my subject. I have brought the patterns  into the illustration on design on my lastest design. I also think I quite often get stuck and isolated in my discipline (sat in the graphics studio picking at the space between a t and a h) and field manages to bring me out of this and allows me to try other things I wouldn’t of otherwise have had a go at.



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