Things Under The Sun- Colour Layering

I wanted to add something to the drawings and photographs that where collected on the trips as when they where just left by themselves. I brought them into Adobe Photoshop and played about with splitting and layering the colours so that they where slightly off to try and create a trippy glitchy design. I wanted to try and not over complicate things by trying to stick to CMYK and RGB which are the two most commonly used colour processing types in graphic design (a bit like primary colours when using paint) they can create basically every colour that the human eye can see. Each colour has a CMYK and a RGB have codes attached to them which can be seen on screen and CMYK when printed can be compared to a chart (normally on strips) to see if that colour links up. RGB, which stands for red, green and blue (together they make black) which is the colours of light that are shown on screen. Then  CMYK, which is the colours cyan, magenta, yellow and key (which is more commonly know as black) are the colours of ink used in the printing process for commercial and home printers.


Doing this experiment with the drawings really have added another depth to the pieces and created more of something that the view would look twice than just a couple of nice drawing.



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