The One With a Description of a Photograph

In this session we looked at an image that was a projection of an image and then had to describe the

There is a young child (most like around the age of 6 months at the oldest) the photo is in the day light. She is sat on a cheaply made baby seat that is made out of white plastic. It looks like the baby is watching the TV alone and has been forgotten. This photo is from the latter half of the 20th century, this is gathered from the style of the television it’s metal casing, big back and own wheels are a sign of this. Also the image on the screen is in black and white and depicts a space shuttle which leads to believe that this could have been possibly taken in the 60’s around the time of the space race. It is obvious that there has been some sort of family celebration as the are many cards on the side table and on top of the TV it could have been a birthday or a new baby. This could lead to be believed that the baby is a newborn and the family have just left her alone to watch TV; it could be an omen for her future that she’d be ignored and cast aside. I am not sure whether this photo was a amuture family photo or a staged set up by a photographer.

We then discussed the photo and it turned out that it was a family photo that was taken and in a family photo album. Also it turned out that the young child was not a girl but a boy and this could bring up the fact we assumed that he was a girl due to the colour of her clothes.


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