Branding- Idea Development (Sketches)

15878154_10210128555602353_918152336_o Around the time that I was researching into existing brands I started to sketch out ideas for the logo. I was finding it difficult to come up with ideas that were not the most obvious (and there for overdone). This was backed up in a tutorial with Ian. In this tutorial, we discussed that I look at the textures that are associated with gardens and simplifying them down.

15388545_10209883144507229_1278105058_o  We also discussed that with having just the name for the brand would not be clear to the viewer what services the company provide as “Roots” as a name could mean a number of different services (family tree,  organic fruit and veg, etc…). This could be improved with the use of a tagline, incorporated into the mark in some way, that gears the viewer to see the company behind the mark a bit more. I mind mapped the ideas for the tagline then brought them to my client to see what he thought. Going through the selection, that I had originally come up with, we decided that they were too long or too dull to use as a tagline. Then I came up with “Making Gardens Great Again” (as a sort of a play on Donald Trump’s “make America great again” slogan ). It’s was then clear what the services the company provides.

Keeping these things in mind for the logo I then went on to sketch out some more ideas with a much clearer direction than before. I narrowed it down to simpler ideas that would work better in a logo/touch point setting. The logo (which would be starting point to the rest of the branding) the client liked best was the three triangles that represented grass.



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