Things Behind the Sun- Pembrokeshire Trip

As part of this project for the field module, we started with a trip to Pembrokeshire (West Wales). We stayed in the Pwll Deri YHA, the hostel was very remote and set up a cliff. The views were stunning, with a clear horizon that was not obstructed by land.

This was the first time I had ever used one of the Universities Canon camera’s. This was a much easier way of capturing information and the wonder and expanse of the landscape than drawing (especially when it was cold and raining). Also the photographs were able to capture the strong and the subtle colours that my fineline sketches where unable to as I was confined to the one thickness and colour.

I found the hundred drawings, over the three days of the trip, quite a difficult task. I ended up only completing around 70 of the drawings. Some of the drawings where messy and I now can’t tell what exactly they were meant to be of and they were completed in matter of a few seconds. And others where neat (which isn’t necessarily a good thing). With quite a few of them I tried just use the littlest amount of lines as possible, these are some of my favorite of the selection from the trip as they leave a lot of white negative space to show the vast size and isolation of the location we were staying at. By the end I was getting sick of drawing and it was more of the same, because there’s only so much rock and cliff you can draw before wanting to stick needles in your eyes.15271530_10209826576733070_1583736705_o  When we came back to uni and in turn, to the fine art studio we collected all our drawings together and then categorised them into our own sections. My own personal categories where: humans in the landscape,  man-made in the landscape, plants, landscape as a whole and rocks. I found this useful as I was able to look at what I could focus more on.


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