Brand Designing (Research)

I was given a brand at random to design for. I was given a gardening and landscaping company based in Leamington Spa called “Roots”.

The first step I took in design was looking at a few existing brands. I could not think of any large companies that provide these surfaces (this could be because of where I have been brought up- no one having a garden or money to make use of these surfaces) so I had to rely on good old google for this research. A lot of what I was finding was very much the same as each other and included a vector of a flower, leaf, tree or some other plant (some even had all three) and in bright shades of green.


I was given a swatch of colours by the client. I found this useful to inspire the colours to stick to for the brand to try and limit myself to. This will help with building an identity for the brand. The colours where more of an autumn feel to them then a bright summery feel that a few of the logos that I was looking at. I used these as a starting point then using Adobe Colour searching through other people’s swatches using the key words as “autumn” and “wood.”  I had chosen these keywords while using the moodboard and the name of the brand “Roots”. The colour swatches that I selected where ones that reminded me most of gardens and the outdoors (so hopefully would remind the client and his audience as well).

The top swatch is the colours of fallen leaves, they are also the brightest and could possibly bring out the most modern and sophisticated feel to the brand (which would be most suitable for the client’s target market). The second swatch (bottom left)  was just a selection of shades of green, they are fresh but could be extremely obvious and over used in the industry that the brand is part of. The last swatch I looked at was a darker version of the top one. I thought that this was too dark for the brand that it could look stuffy and outdated and was too much like winter where a gardens tend to not have any plant life and this is the opposite of what the client wants for his brand.


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