Things Behind the Sun- Pembrokeshire Trip

As part of this project for the field module, we started with a trip to Pembrokeshire (West Wales). We stayed in the Pwll Deri YHA, the hostel was very remote and set up a cliff. The views were stunning, with a clear horizon that was not obstructed by land.

This was the first time I had ever used one of the Universities Canon camera’s. This was a much easier way of capturing information and the wonder and expanse of the landscape than drawing (especially when it was cold and raining). Also the photographs were able to capture the strong and the subtle colours that my fineline sketches where unable to as I was confined to the one thickness and colour.

I found the hundred drawings, over the three days of the trip, quite a difficult task. I ended up only completing around 70 of the drawings. Some of the drawings where messy and I now can’t tell what exactly they were meant to be of and they were completed in matter of a few seconds. And others where neat (which isn’t necessarily a good thing). With quite a few of them I tried just use the littlest amount of lines as possible, these are some of my favorite of the selection from the trip as they leave a lot of white negative space to show the vast size and isolation of the location we were staying at. By the end I was getting sick of drawing and it was more of the same, because there’s only so much rock and cliff you can draw before wanting to stick needles in your eyes.15271530_10209826576733070_1583736705_o  When we came back to uni and in turn, to the fine art studio we collected all our drawings together and then categorised them into our own sections. My own personal categories where: humans in the landscape,  man-made in the landscape, plants, landscape as a whole and rocks. I found this useful as I was able to look at what I could focus more on.


The One When I Think About Experimenting, Transdisciplinary and The Multiverse…


This week I started on my second year constellation study group. I initially was extremely by having to sit for five hours straight. I would love to say that time flew by, but it didn’t it was heavy hitting (this could improve in the next few sessions when I get more of a grasp of the subject that we are covering).

In the first part of the lecture we where looking at the different definitions of experimenting  that are laid out in the introduction to “Black Mountain College Between Chance and Design.” These definitions where put forward in three different ways by three different people: Joesf Albers, John Cage and R. Buckminster Fuller. Albers view on experimenting was a more controlled way of experimenting, having no room for accidents, and following patterns. Cage’s definition on the other hand was the total opposite with a view focusing on innovation and throwing away the notion of pattern. Fuller had more of a scientific approach to experimenting it was about collecting data and changing variables.

We talked about how we fit in with the definitions of experimentation in our own practice while using an example of how we would experiment. I used an example of designing an editorial spread and dissected how I would separate each element of the the design and then bring it together. I identified that in graphics that I always know what my final outcome will be so I go into experimenting in a very directed way that there are already constantes on my experimenting from the get go. This linked into what Fuller believed experimenting to be as I tend to bring all the elements together and then see what works and what doesn’t and changing one thing at a time to get to the end goal.

Introduction into Transdisciplinary

In the lecture I got totally lost and overwhelmed in the meaning of what transdisciplinary means but with a few days between the lecture and rereading my notes I manage to understand a find layer of basic understanding on the subject. I understand than “trans” means across, between or beyond. This means that transdisciplinary is about going across different disciplines and seeing (and working together) and that going to benefit us all.


Brand Designing (Research)

I was given a brand at random to design for. I was given a gardening and landscaping company based in Leamington Spa called “Roots”.

The first step I took in design was looking at a few existing brands. I could not think of any large companies that provide these surfaces (this could be because of where I have been brought up- no one having a garden or money to make use of these surfaces) so I had to rely on good old google for this research. A lot of what I was finding was very much the same as each other and included a vector of a flower, leaf, tree or some other plant (some even had all three) and in bright shades of green.


I was given a swatch of colours by the client. I found this useful to inspire the colours to stick to for the brand to try and limit myself to. This will help with building an identity for the brand. The colours where more of an autumn feel to them then a bright summery feel that a few of the logos that I was looking at. I used these as a starting point then using Adobe Colour searching through other people’s swatches using the key words as “autumn” and “wood.”  I had chosen these keywords while using the moodboard and the name of the brand “Roots”. The colour swatches that I selected where ones that reminded me most of gardens and the outdoors (so hopefully would remind the client and his audience as well).

The top swatch is the colours of fallen leaves, they are also the brightest and could possibly bring out the most modern and sophisticated feel to the brand (which would be most suitable for the client’s target market). The second swatch (bottom left)  was just a selection of shades of green, they are fresh but could be extremely obvious and over used in the industry that the brand is part of. The last swatch I looked at was a darker version of the top one. I thought that this was too dark for the brand that it could look stuffy and outdated and was too much like winter where a gardens tend to not have any plant life and this is the opposite of what the client wants for his brand.

Branding- Creating a Brand

In this project we were to create our own company that another class mates will be designing the branding for. I was given the task of creating the branding for a security company. I found this quite difficult to think of ideas as it’s quite a dry company area and looking at existing companies they are all extremely similar in style and field. So this lead me to do a mind map just to get some of the things that I think of towards security. This also included exciting companies and my initial ideals for the brand.

Mind map on security

I found doing this gave me a few ideas and helped me come to my idea for the business. I found a loop in the market that was a security company that caters directly in trying to combat the problem of sexual harassment in bars and night club.  This is a very common problem as statistics show that nearly 1 in  3 young women and 1 in 10 men experience unwanted sexual attention on a night out. I wanted to create a brand that prevented this. The brand values that the company would want to show are:-

  • Safety
  • Dedicated
  • Compassionate
  • Reliable
  • Equal
  • Responsible

I then had the task of finding a suitable name for the company. I found it difficult to think of one, but I then I tried with the techniques that where discussed in the lecture on naming. I found that this helped as I wasn’t just sat trying to get something from nothing. I started by looking for words that means safe in different languages but I quickly dismissed this idea as I wasn’t getting anything that was I felt was right for the target audience and were quite dull. I was then quite attracted to the idea of being named after a Greek god, I really liked Artemis (goddess of light and protector of the vulnerable) but after some further research I found that there was already a security company, so I decided to go with NYX the goddess of the night.


Target Market

I found coming up with the target market quite easy as the company concept was quite self explanatory.

 Our main clients are the venues that cater to a young adult clientele. We want to make our mark known so that a client’s customer will recognise what we are about and that when they see a club with this logo they can feel safe from any unwanted groping and touching. This will bring business to the venue as their customers will spend money as they will not have the need to move on from feeling uncomfortable as they are reassured by the knowledge that someone is looking out for them.


I found creating the persona quite a challenge as I was not sure how all of the sections would be answerable or relevant. I invented a character from Liverpool called Gary Wills and would be the type of client that would use the services of the company.



I found the moodboard the easiest part of creating the company. I had a clear idea of the style that I wanted the brand to portray. All of the logos for existing companies where quite bland and where all of the same feel. I wanted the look of the branding to be modern and edgy and to be targeted towards more of a nightclub design feel.nxy