Field- Interdisciplinary project (poster and Logo)

I decided to create a poster advertise the product that one of the other group members was making a prototype for. This product is an extension on the arm which includes a smartphone and contactless payment chip embedded into the arm. We decided to call the product iHuman on the play on the name like it’s a product that Apple would make and people would buy into it as they seem to at this moment in time they live the Apple lifestyle.

I created the design to look like the cleanness of the designs for apple and the plastic, I tried to keep this in mind when creating the poster and the logo.  So I kept the colours pale and simple so it was almost clinical, this was both with the logo and posters. With the logo I wanted to keep it simple and to have a futuristic feel to it. With the posters I prefer the arm with the arm with the sink colours as the drawing is so much cleaner.


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