Animation (final piece)

I’m in two minds on whether I actually liked my animation or not. There’s some parts that I really like that I think are strong and others I can’t stand. But by the time I got to sort of end to it I couldn’t even stand to look at my laptop anymore. It’s not that I didn’t enjoy the actual animating I did it was finding sound that fitted into the animation. Actually in the end I didn’t find any music that fitted in I just shoved some generic ukulele music in the background that’s actually quite annoying. Looking back after sometime I could have easily avoided this by recording some speech and that would have been enough, but I was panicking too much about the actual animating to even think about the sound as it was an afterthought and it is so obvious it is. I also think that the characters could have done with a bit more movement as they are very still (maybe some running).

On a more positive note I really like the the stills of the frames as illustrations. It was a style I wasn’t used to doing of characters as they are the most cartoon like I have ever done before (as I normally do more sketchy drawings of people). I enjoyed how this challenged me and I like the close ups on the faces had a somewhat dramatic feel to them. I know that in the final frames the car should have been darker to blend in more with the scenery as it is too light.


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