Animation- Ball Bounce


To quickly try a quick storyboard sketch I decided to do a small ball bounce in 14 frames. As a actual storyboard I would need to leave spaces between each thumbnail to leave room for me to annotate the step, but as a way of quickly getting ideas down onto paper this was a perfectly okay technique.

To quickly turn this into a animation I used the social media app Vine. The app takes video (with in a 6 second time frame) the video can be made by combining snippets of video (if done quick enough a image can be captured.  Even though the app is quick, easy and was okay for an experiment there is more drawbacks to using Vine as a animation tool (as this is not the purpose of the app. These are things like it is hard to control frames per second, the video has to be square, it’s hard to control the focusing as using a iPhone and because you are using a iPhone it realises on the steadiness of your hand. This could be a good app to use when trying to work out how exactly to do something as it gives a rough idea of what it will look like when it is moving.


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