Editorial- Trans children

The article I am creating an three double page editorial spread for is about the increase in young children who identify as transgender in the UK. It focuses on the story of five year old trans boy Tom at the start. It is positive at the start of the article it is told through his mother  and shows how supportive she is. Later on towards the end of the article it becomes factual of what a child who identifies as transgender options are and what the NHS says they can do to help.

I read through the article and pulled out quotes for possible call outs:-

  • “Cassie knows that Tom is very young to be transgender”
  • “Referrals increase 50% every year, from 97 new cases in 2009 to 697 in 2014”
  • “more than just a little phase.”
  • “anyone uses a female pronoun, he gets furious.”

  • “Mummy, why can’t people see that I’m really a boy?”
  • Granny still calls me ‘she’.”

  • “Her doctor told her that she that she needed to be tougher: tell her she’s a girl, and that’s the end of it.”
  • “the idea that some people are just “born in the wrong body” doesn’t do justice to the range of feelings transgender people express.”

  • “Gender itself is difficult to define, with a mix of social, medical and individual interpretations.”

  • “for the families of transgender children it is undeniably real.”
  • “Tom is telling me what he wants and this is who he is.”
  • “The majority of post-pubescent teens with gender dysphoria continue into adulthood with the same feelings, only 16% of prepubescent children do.”
  • “Hand on heart, I do think that Tom will be trans when he’s older”
  • “it’s OK to be the person that you feel you are, and if that changes, that’s all right”
  • “lots of young people talking about wanting to be dead.”
  • “We’re trying to help the parents to help their children to get to a better place.”
  • “surveyed 2,000 young people with gender issues: 48% attempt suicide, 58% self-harm.”
  • “young people much-needed time and thinking space.”

  • “Parents rightly want to support their child.”
  • “gender as a spectrum, not a set of binary categories.”
  • “break down some of the gender stereotypes around boys and girls being divided in school the whole time”
  • “gender choices all day long, and they shouldn’t have to,”

Imagery Ideas13140851_10208072843690840_1753257123_n

  • person half female and half male- too obvious maybe? could work as an illustration or photos illustration could work better as could have the same face but different hair and body
  • stereotypical objects connected to gender -makeup, tools (photos or digital illustrations)
  •  children’s toys – action man and barbie naked with each others head on the wrong body with private parts covered by black boxes (may be with body text in thought bubbles)
  • Shoes -as they can be quite specific to genders-laces do something (make text/images)- look at foot prints (benefit the surface) – converse logo with text in
    (These three sketches were done with a broken righting wrist, so they aren’t my best)

    I really wanted to do some hand drawn illustrations for the imaginary but I unfortunately broke a bone in my wrist making it nearly impossible to do without causing pain. So I have had to change to using photography to create the images.


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