Great Expectaions-First page layouts

In this workshop in pairs we redesigned the first page of Great Expectations. We were very constricted due to the small size we were given to design onto. The rag is really bad in the stand first and the body text it looks really messy because it’s all over the place. This is obviously something I need to keep in mind when doing the layout for the editorial spreads. I personally don’t like the font we used for the majority of the content as I personally find sans-serif difficult to read and I also think that it is an obvious choice as it makes the design seem very business like and traditional so there was no new feeling about the text itself just that it is in two columns instead of one. We also forgot to not allow from hyphenations and they always look extremely messy and all over the place. The hierarchy of text was difficult when doing this piece because there is so much to fit on the page this already made the page have too much information on it and no negative space to break up the information into more digestible and easier on the eye chunks.

Screen Shot 2016-05-30 at 07.53.32


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