Football Shirts- Editorial Image

In this workshop in groups we had to design a image that related to an article that we had only just read in that session. The article was about the price people pay for football shirts and if they should include the sponsor’s logo on or are people just paying to advertise. For example people pay £50 for a replica Liverpool which still has the Standard Chartered logo on. This isn’t something that interested me in the slightest, this could be a good thing as it was more challenging to come up with any ideas for the imaginary. As a group we drafted a few ideas in sketches and we decided to stick with more obvious imagery for the design. We were playing with having a kit covered in logos and having money tucked into the shorts and maybe coming out the arms as if to show that all the club sees you as a money spending free advertising creacher. We were aloud to use images found on the internet as it was only a quick workshop this meant we were able to use logos and a image of a football shirt that we turned into a vector. I personally think that this image would work best as a hand drawn piece and have it full of logos to make the shape and not just placed on a image of a shirt. I don’t think the image is that great of image as it was very much rushed. I think with the images for my editorial spread I will take a less obvious approach to the imagery and lead the viewer more than just shoving it in their faces for this article it felt appropriate as that is what the advertisements on the shirts does.


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