Fanzine- Selfie Culture (editorial)

In this workshop in a group we were given a subject to create a fanzine on. We were given “Selfie culture”. A struggle we had as a group  was deciding what tone to go with for the piece, as there is many strong arguments on the subject. We decided to take on a lighter tone including a short piece on the first selfie, tips on how to create the perfect selfie, selfies in a positive light and one in a negative one.

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We decided to go with hashtags as titles as it links in with the whole culture of the internet and wanting people to find there face and like it. This is the same reason that we decided that most of the images will be squared as the most popular way of sharing selfies is the app Instagram and the app forces the images to be displayed as squares to mimic this in the fanzine. This is also why the front and back covers are displayed as rows of three square as this is the layout of an instagram profile.

I personally really like the ligature on the title on the front cover  because it makes it seem tidier. Something I would improve on the front  would be having the title covering the same space as a row of photos and having the grid remove parts of the text to make it look like a post on the instagram page that has been tiled.

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I have always loved fanizes as a publishing format (since a tutor on my BETC introduced me to the format). I love how quick and simple they are too create and that not a large amount of money is needed to create a run of them. I like the fact that they are made to look homemade and any layout goes and they are quick .Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 16.03.48

One I have really liked the layout in the past is one from home “bido lito!” (a liverpool based monthly music magazine that’s free). The magazine is always  printed on to pink paper and is each page is just a bit smaller than a A3 sheet.

A downside to the layout of the magazine is that they fit so much into each page that it can make it difficult to read. The reason that they do this is because they are free they take on a lot of adverts to cover printing costs and they need to pack as much as they possibly  can of their own content.

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