Editorial Research

freestyle_magazine_5This magazine (FreeStyle) is an unique in shape it is round in  shape and it is contained with in a frisbee. It is designed with the idea of passing from one person to another (like a frisbee is). The content is about Art, Design, Photography, Fashion, Architecture and Music. It’s playful and is totally different to anything I have seen before. The designers have to be totally aware of the shape of the page and adapt this to the layout of the pages as the page isn’t the standard.


The layout of this spread (above), it is very clean and simple to follow when in print but digitally it makes me want to read from the very top of the page which isn’t were the text. It does clearly indicate where the start and the end of the text is with a simple box, making it clear that the piece doesn’t carry on onto another page. In terms of hierarchy of text it is very clear what is the title of the article as it is larger than the other text and is in a separated section of the page, but I am not a fan of the angling of the text as it isn’t done to fill the space which at a slope I would have done myself or kept the text at a horizontal angle. I  like that only a section of the photo has been used this gives the page the flow.


On the example above I really like the illustrations used on the right hand page are strong and the full page contains a lot of information. The fact that the illustration takes up a whole page gives it a definite hierarchy from the text as it is the first thing you are drawn to and it’s almost as if the text is just an after thought of the spread. Even within the illustration there is a definite hierarchy in what the illustrator wanted the viewer to take in, which is the large image of David Bowie. The layout of the page of the left with just the text just keeps the layout simple not to distract from the illustrations or the text itself.


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