Field poster development 

For  this idea for the poster I was inspired by my experimenting with Photoshop (mainly the blue and pink ‘Dirty Swine’) and the mandala feel to the particular piece. Also it was in reaction to the quote “Clients are realising that branding is more than just a logo”, from ( ). Also in theUntitled-1 first things first manifesto it talks about challenging commercialism and design things that matters.

To start this off I wanted to create a ‘client’ figure using an image of a figure in a very formal suit. I got this idea from a I did in a work shop where I replaced a figures head with a flower and the print is inspired by the Rene Magritte painting “The Son of Man.” So on this I replaced the figures head with one of the most recognisably and effective logos out there. I tried to use the Coke-a-Cola logo and it didn’t really work as the text couldn’t really mimic the shape of a head. Then I used the Apple logo and it fitted perfectly, as the shape was a perfect solid shape and Apple is basically the embodiment of commercialism. Thpleaseis is due to apple bringing out the latest version of a product (e.g. iPhone, MacBook, etc….) very year with only minor changes and people flock to buy the newest product that they don’t need as their current one works perfectly well. After interesting the logo as a head it looked too like the head was super imposed so I played about with the filters Photoshop has to offer, I settled on posturized and a horizontal gain effect (I had tried using a separation filter but it looked all over the place).

I used the batman logo as the centre as it is one everyone knows as it is used a great deal in the films, as a calling for him and more recently in ‘Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice’ he uses his logo to brand the criminals he has caught. I also used Starbucks cups as a company which also a company whose logo is widely known anpleased their products are overpriced and people only purchase their coffee for the name.

I changed the image of all the elements into two tones. I decided on the dark pink and yellow as in this piece they worked really well together. after all of this, I couldn’t come up with a way to bring this image into the poster so I decided not to use it but just parts such as the colours and the image of the apple logo man into another design layout.

I then decided  to try and add text to the image. I created a lot of the typography usingIMG_3890 drawing ink and a paint brush or a sharpie then using the Adobe Capture app for iPhone to create vectors of what I had hand drawn into illustrator and photoshop. But to create the word more for my experiments I pinned pins into the shape of the letters and wrapped string around them, then took a vector image of it using Adobe Capture again.
I brought thesePrint ideas into photoshop and added  the vector of a sketch I did of the apple man. I didn’t like the actual quote as it didn’t quite achieve what I had set out to do with creating things that are worth while and not just for creating things and I think it is poorly worded. I also don’t like the layering of the text over the image as I think it looks scruffy.  I like what I was trying to achieve with the laying of the characters figures but I’d have to play about with them a bit more like with the opacity.

For the final piece I decided to use the photo of the middle finger (used in a photoshop experiment) and the apple man and then decided on the quote “Consumerism must be challenged.” As it is simple and to the point without being patronising. I wanted the finger to look like it was making a rude gestor to the character and is backed up by the text I’ve included. What I think I’ve achieved is the look that the character is supporting the text as it is physically connected to the text and the finger is against the text. Also the colours are a bit too similar and don’t stand out against each other. There is also too much text in the body text that people wouldn’t read.

field poster 2tone pinl

I changed a lot of the points I made in an attempt at creating a better design and I like the green and the blue against each other  a lot more as I think it is less done than the pink and what was suppose to be yellow. I also think that I have made the images alliances clearer and that works a lot better than before.field poster

The final product reminds me a lot of the punk music graphic design and so it made me think that the only natural piece of supporting media I could create was a piece of printed fanzine style design. I created it so that it would all fit on to one single page of A3 so it would be able to reproduce quickly. I used the simple 8 page booklet technique. To keep it in the same visual language I decided to create it on inDesign.




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