How does our Mind use sight to Create Knowlage

Our knowledge of the world is mainly gained through sight, to a point where we often use phrases such as “I see what you mean,” and “I am in kept in the dark on that one,” which all focus on sight when there is no sight to be had in that context. So it’s not a surprise that this is (as humans, some other species using smell) to investigate and learn. We teach children what things are by showing them images or the actual thing then telling them what it is called in the parent’s native tongue. Then when teaching them how to read it is the same process but with the word written words.  We often see seeing as knowing that every other person is seeing it and that is truth and we don’t see the other senses that way we see them as subjective. Vision is to know the world and taste/touch/smell are considered feeling the world.

With imagery we see what we recognize  what  we already know and we can link it in our past experiences. We also see words and picture the action/movement connected to the word or image. An example of this is when you see the word “chop” we imagine the movement and the sound that a knife makes. This is mostly from our experiences of chopping and it brings us back to this. It is the same with images we recognize the object or thing as the object this is because we have been taught instinctively to look for  things we have had experiences with and even though the image isn’t the object we see the object as the thing rather than a drawing or a photo of it.


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