Field 4~ Campaign~ Soical Media, App and Book

Social Media

As our target audience are always on their phones using social media apps, so we thought one of the most effective way to spread awareness of the cause is through social media, as people are always sharing what they think is important or they enjoy. This was one of my main jobs in the project I created accounts on two of the most popular social media sites/apps -Instagram and Facebook. I decide that twitter is not as successful and it’s quite easy to over look posts as they don’t take up the whole phone screen like Facebook and Instagram do.12553081_154920098219320_2251269704266179402_n

I created a simple cover image for the page that included the campaign title and logo. This is so from the minute the viewer is seeing the page they are being asked the question that the campaign. It links in with the rest of our products so it is hopefully is recognisable as this campaign.

The Facebook account includes information about our campaign and animal testing, and also images of out t-shirts, posters, information booklet and links to our vine.
The Instagram account includes photos linking to our campaign, and agian our posters, facts, information. I also made a small video to put onto the instagram of the cuddly rabbit being “tested” on.

We created a Vine (6 second video) was made with the intention of shocking our target audience through a simple metaphor of the rabbit being used as a piece of equipment. As young adults we are surrounded by social media, and are constantly seeing things that are shocking until the point that it isn’t any more. So we needed a short and snappy video to grab attention and Vines quite often go viral reaching thousands if not millions of people. Vine’s being so short doesn’t mean people have to pay much attention to it making it more accessible to people then having to watch a two minute video which a lot of people wouldn’t do.
We planned on having an opening screen with the title of our campaign on it ‘Is Vanity Worth It?’ and then at the end when the plastic bag gets pushed away it reveals our logo for the campaign or even doing it as an animation.Untitled

We also created  a leaflet that displayed a possible QR code, that can be handed out or placed in public places. The code is scanned using a smart phone, and it takes you directly to our campaign social media or the app.


UntitledWe designed a game, that was contained with in a app, as a different format of raising awareness for animal testing. The idea of the game is very simple, the player is the rabbit and using the controls at the bottom edges of the screen, fight away needles that are flying towards you and escaped. The player gets three lives (shown at the top left corner of the screen), and each time a needle hits the character a life is lost. There is also social media links and our logo within the game, connecting to the app to our campaign and then snappy messages about animal testing. With connecting our campaign in mind, we kept our design simple and our colour scheme consistent. We felt this was a fun way to spread our message quickly and on a large scale, as the game is suitable for practically all ages, and would be quite addictive.


For the book I did a lot more research in to the issue and spend a lot of time creating lists of cruelty and cruelty free make up brands. This was quite difficult as a lot of make up brands are unclear on whether they test on animals or not. Some brands says that they don’t test on animals but then sell in china (where it is a legal requirement to test cosmetics) . I looked  on PETA’s website to find a lot of information out and also loUntitledoked at a number of blogs that looked at the areas. being the most useful blog.

We collected all the research I had found book in the form of a manifesto, this lays out the facts on one page. The pages that follows include information about three of the main animals that are tested on: monkeys, rodents (rats, mice, ect…) and rabbits. Also included is also the list of cosmetic companies who test their products on animals, and a list of companies that don’t that I found, this will make people aware of what brands they are buying and hopefully encourage people not to buy these products.

We also designed  an interactive page with a photo of a photo of a rabbit wearing make-up. The make-up is printed on acetate and can be removed from the bunnies face and beneath the acetate is the same photo of the bunny, but with the effects of the testing rather than the make-up, which will will hopefully shock people who are viewing it. The top being what people thinking testing animals is like and the second being what it is actually like.


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