Ambiguous Object-(Week 2-The world is as I expect it)

What I am taking form this is that a lot of objects in life have some sort of ambiguous quality to it. This could be the cheap wooden veneer, on the wardrobe in my halls room, grain creates a face to some people. Or this could be just my own imagination running away with it’s self as I have seen it everyday and want it to be more than it actually is.
lrs-white-albumOne design I can think of that is full of ambiguity is the cover of The Beatles self titled ninth studio album, which is also known as the White Album due to the original 1968 cover being totally white apart from a issue number stamped on. This is ambiguous due to the fact you would have to know what album it was when flicking though vinyl records in a record shop when it was first realised (of course know it is iconic). But it doesn’t include the album title and the band’s name is so faint on it you would have to be looking for it to be able to find it which in it’s self makes it ambiguous.

Another design thharry-potter-deathly-hallows-part-2-movie-poster-hi-res-01at comes to mind is one of the film posters for Harry Potter and “The Deathly Hallows Part 2” where the poster doesn’t even include the film’s or the franchise’s title it just assumes that the viewer recognises the characters on the poster. This is most likely possible due to the film being so highly  anticipated due to the series success. Also the film franchise had been going for over a decade by the film’s realise and was so ingrained into people’s lives they could afford to not include the title. Another ambiguous film poster is one for “Batman: The Dark Night Rises” this poster creates the shape of the Batman emblem using the tops of buildings to suggest the shape  rather the directly having the shapimagee drawn on or filled in on the poster. It’s an image that people recognise easily and would assume that what it is rather than lead them to the conclusion of the bat image.


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