Field Campaign logo and Poster Design Development

We decided to design the following materials for the campaign:-

  • Book/manifesto that laid out all the information clearly that people who wanted to know more could easily.
  • App- This was going to be an interactive tap game
  • T-shirt
  • Short video
  • Social media
  • Posters
  • Interactive QR- codes that connected to the social media

As a group we decided to design a quick sketch of a logo. I used an image of a pawsaa and a human hand coming together, so it was like the human was comforting or helping the human. I’m not happy with this as a logo. I personally think it’s too much for a logo as the illustrations where very sketchy. It also reminds me of special collectors addition stamps because of the shape of it. I played about with using the acronym for “Stop Animal Abuse” (so S.A.A) but after some research I found that the same abbreviation is used for “South African Airways” and also “Sex Addicts Anonymous”. We then decided to take this simplicity of slogan into what area of animal abuse we were trying to tackle, as it not trying to be to clever. So it changed to “Stop Animal Testing”.

12544718_206424786370853_1719893166_oThen as a group we put together some ideas from group members. We decided on the polygon as it is the same shape as the stop road signs which is subtle for someone to connect to subconsciously to stop in their minds and then an illustration of an animal to connect them together.

We then decided that we needed to expand this more, as the single polygon seams like it was pulled out of nowhere. We put a few together to mimic the shape of a paw loosely.

A illustration of the bear was used, as we wante12571366_206424833037515_1737331514_nd to use a teddy bear in other formats of the campaign as we wanted to play on the target audience’s childhood memory as a cuddly toy is often thought as a symbol of a child’d innocence and we wanted to show that the animals that are being tested on where in the same position.

In a tutorial David questioned why we were using a bear as it gave off an impression that a bear is an animal that is being tested on. He suggested that we use an animal that is usePicture4d within animal testing or only using type on the logo. We tried to design a logo that included the tag line that I had come up with when coming up with ideas  for posters, “Is Vanity Worth it?”. A team member and I tried to make the just type work in the logo and and we just couldn’t get it to fit in the logo or not look cheap.

We decided to use an image of a rabbit as the campaign’s  mascot because rabbits are the most commonly tested on animal for cosmetics (according to PETA). Using the character gave our logo some personality, a face to the campaign.

We kept our logo design we wanted it keep it quite basic, in terms of colours and shapes, so we stuck to these three colours – black, white and pink. If we kept it to just to pink and white it would have look to other charities.

Nia Version of Logo


I came up with a few ideas for poster designs and messed about with different slogans. Then when I came up with “Is Vanity Worth It?” it suck and became the name of our campaign. The whole point of the campaign was to get people talking and thinking about the how the products they used are made, and a question is a perfect way of doing this.

teddyCHThis was a quick mock up for the poster idea I pitched to the group. We decided that my idea was too shocking and shock tactics don’t really work any more as they have just been over done that we have been desensitised to the shock tactics.

We designed another two posters one using a photo of a cuddly toy rabbit with make up edited on. This would would have looked better if we used actual make upPicture5 on the toy. We decided not use this as it doesn’t fit in with the graphic language of the rest of our work.

The other poster  was a really basic with the character with a speech bubble and the slogan  “Is Vanity Worth It?” we decided that this poster did not have enough context in it and there was too much empty space in the poster.


Final Poster Design



The idea for this style was mainly to spread awareness without trying to shock people using horrible imagery, as many of these photos currently exist, resulting in it loosing its shock factor. We also felt the poster would be a good way to link our campaign with the app, logo and our character. We also developed a set of posters that provide more information.






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