Field~ Design for Campaign 1

Placards-Based on the work of Stanley Green.

Stanley Green created placards that encouraged viewers to stop eating protein. They where massive home made signs that he’d walk around crowed cities.

Our task was to create a single placard, that showed two sides of the argument. In groups we discussed what themes to look at, these themes included:-

  • Legalisation Cannabis
  • Animal Cruelty
  • Zero Hour Contracts
  • Mental Health
  • Sexual Abuse

We decided to keep the design quite simple to keep the message clear.

I like the format of the placards a they are very pubic and in your face. The process is also quite quick and inexpensive to make a number of them. The fact the placard are hand made gives it a rustic and authentic feel.

I personally wasn’t inspired by the subject we choose for the placard and I don’t think the messages are clear of what it’s trying to get across. I think most of the group felt the same on the subject as there was a lot of confusion with some group members of what we where doing.

Group Project

As a group we decided to change the issue we where looking at to something we were actually interested in. We discussed the issues again and decided to focus on animal cruelty. We then all decided  to research into different areas of animal cruelty. I focused on animal testing for cosmetics.


I found this informative animation from 2013 as part of a campaign run by Lush Cosmetics get get people to sign a petition to the EU make selling cosmetics that have been tested on illegal in the EU. I think the black and white gives a simplicity to the animation that makes it very effective as it doesn’t over complicate a hard subject. It also isn’t trying to shock you which I don’t think is effective in making an impression on people, it just states hard facts.

I also looked the campaigns website. I like the straight to the point and easily navigated site. There is nothing that could be shocking or offensive about it. 


 Refining our Subject 

We discussed and decided that we needed to focus more on one aspect of animal abuse rather then a few.  We decided on focusing on animal testing for the cosmetic industry as there is a lot of things people don’t know or misunderstanding about what goes on behind the scenes. 


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