How drawing is used in graphics. (Week 1: Thinking Through Drawing)

In my practice drawing is my first point of call when trying to think up ideas. It helps realise what is in my head visually. This can also explain to others my ideas that I can picture in my head but can’t explain clearly verbally it is always difficult to or even impossible. This also gives the opportunity for feedback straight away from who ever you are showing it too.

Drawing/sketches are also very important when deciding on layouts (this could be for documents, posters or publications like booklets). They can help keep the design consistent with other pages when bringing them into in design. It also quickens the process of creating the layout as you have the considered layouts in front of you on paper rather than having to think as you go along and maybe forgetting what ideas you where thinking of before.

When creating animations drawing is vital in creating storyboards. They often start as rough sketches on scrap paper or post it notes, then the sketches develop into a clearer narrative. These act as a basis to start animating and creating and knowing exactly what comes next in the narrative and keeping on on track with the narrative. Also stop frame animation can be done using hand drawn images which have a certain quality to themselves.

Hand drawings can be used in designs and it gives a more of an organic feel to them even if converted to a vector it still has a form that can’t be mimicked using the tools on an application such as Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop. Where as a digitally drawn image has a cleaner more controlled quality to it than a hand drawn image.


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