Future Generations Conference

Design for Democracy


This part of the lecture looked at the issues with the design of ballot papers. There are examples where the ballot papers are unclear and have changed the outcome of an election (Florida, 2000).


The lecture also looked at choosing what information is actually needed instead of pointless information voters don’t need to have while casting their vote. An example used in the lecture was that on Irish ballot papers which included: the candidate’s full home address, occupation and a full colour mug shot (e.g. Robert Kerns, a non party candidate running for Wicklow, is referred to as “Robert Kerns of 4 Castle Park Wicklow, Co. Carpenter.” Then followed by a poor quality colour image.) Firstly the voter doesn’t need this information. Secondly the image could effect the voters views on who to vote for and making the ballots coloured makes the cost of printing maybe double if there was no photos. With ballots It is defiantly a case of less is more, I find this in my own work that if I over complicate a design it loses it’s effectiveness or doesn’t communicate it simply enough.

Blue Jacking

This part of the lecture was looking at a security loophole that can send texts over Bluetooth and also tracking using mobiles. This lecture made it so clear how easy it is to be monitored and just made me want to throw my iPhone into the river Taff and live in a cave on a mountain.


Utopia- an imaginary place/future where everything is perfect.

Dystopia- an imaginary place/future where everything is unpleasant or bad

In this lecture we looked other people’s views of the future. One of them was Marx’s views of a communism utopian society where everyone has the same and no one is higher then anyone else. In theory it is an amazing idea but history proves that it doesn’t always work out as planned. George Orwell predicted this in his book “Animal Farm” as the quote “All animals are equal but some are more equal than others,” suggests. The follow up of this novel “1984” is Orwell’s vision of the future.

As a group we then disused what we envisioned a dystopia and utopia.

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Illustrating the Future

In this workshop we where left some art work and a number of questions to expand upon and respond too. In groups we worked on the responses. We were left with a depiction of a galaxy and the question of “Will holidays to space ever become accessible?”

We were also left with a city scape made out of paper and two questions. The first being “Art as a brand?” (which isn’t even a question which annoyed me, just because you’ve put a question mark at the end doesn’t make it a question) and secondly (actually a question) “Should we do art for art’s sake?”

We wanted to connect the two pieces together. Space personally comforts me as it reminds me that everything I do in life is so tiny in the grander scheme of things that if I mess up the likely hood of it’s importance is minimal. I know some people find this daunting but this answers “art for art’s sake” me as if our impact is so small it doesn’t matter if it rubbish. Also with art it is never just done for no reason, even if the finished product is just a copy of a cartoon character, the process has meaning wether it’s just because the participant (Artist, Designer or person in a boring lecture) enjoys creating it, does it for therapy, study, monetary gain or  just to fill up their somewhat meaningless life’s. People say “there’s no glory in the process,” they are right but there is so much more in  the process (knowledge, enjoyment, a new approach, ect…) but there is often no glory in the finished product. We shouldn’t be out for glory. Art for art’s sake?   WHY THE HELL NOT!!!!?

I am really not sure what we are on about (Above) I think it was just brain fart reacting to the questions. A thing that kept coming up reapatedly was “Why?” This was why we made the massive why to connect them both together. We also looked at the question of art as a brand and the the one about space travel and thought about a brand that seams to takeover everything and McDonalds and they seam to sponsor everything.