Legends of the Screen

I planned out the layout for the design of the booklet.  Scan_20151203 (3)

I then refined the design more.Scan_20151203 (4)Scan_20151203 (5).jpg

I decided that I wouldn’t use this lay out as the line length was too large for people to keep track of what they were reading.so I planned out again using columns. I also decided to use six columns when bringing the layouts into inDesign.Scan_20151203 (6)

I think that the front on the front at that size is quite hard to read, I should of made the text smaller on the cover to improve readability. This would also increase space so I would be able to centre the logo.

The circle in the background doesn’t mean anything and is just a filler.

The subtitles aren’t constantly in the same alignment which looks untidy. This is the same with the body text size. The size of the font is different sizes as I found it hard to fit all of the text on to the page. This could be fixed with different kernings.


FILM4booklet PDF


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