Type Specimen

Scan_20151118 (11)

I first sketched out a number of different layouts for the type specimen in my sketchbook. I found that I had quite a few ideas came through quite easily. This was most likely because I was looking at examples of type specimens. I thought that possibly some of my ideas were too similar to the examples I was looking at.FONT2I took some of the ideas and brought them into Illustrator or InDesign. I used elements from some of my original. I don’t like the idea above, I think that the landscape is too vast and empty for my own personal liking.FONT4

futureI then experimented with layering of the type and flipping of it. I think that the laying makes it be too much and it is distracting from the typography and the actual form. I do like the text underneath the larger text body as I think there is something stylish and futuristic about it. FONT3I decided to bring in the flipped word element into this piece and keep this in the theme and have the top or bottom be both the top or bottom. This technique isn’t appropriate for a poster style piece as when the piece is printed out in A2 the viewer will have to move their head into uncomfortable angles.FONT1

This is my favourite of the designs, but I need to change some elements, of the piece. One way I will change the spelling of the font as I have missed out the second “U”.  I will also reduce the size of the logo and the text body as they seam to merge into one.


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