Futura (Font research)

Designer Information the_vaccines-what_did_you_expect_from_the_vaccines_-frontal

Futura was designed by Paul Renner in 1927, in Germany. Renner was looking for “New Typography.” He was looking for a “Calming, abstract  forms- that dispense of a handwritten movement- new shapes with tonal value.”(Paul Renner 1931, taken from “Thinking with Type” by Ellen Luton). Renner deeply criticized the Nazi’s cultural policy.

Fcatfish_tour2015ont Characteristics

The font is a sans-serif font and has a equal stroke size for each part of the character. It is  a geometric formed font style. It is easy to read as it is clear and simple. Futura is available in a number of weights and in italics. It is a “Honest expression of technical processes.”

Examples of Future in Usevampire-weekend-horchata

Futura is one  of the most popular fronts used professionally. It has been used in the logos of some the most famous brands including Hp and Domino’s pizza. It is also a popular typeface for album covers and film posters.




Twentieth Century Type and Beyond, Lewis Blackwell

Thinking with Type, Ellen Luptonhpadvent


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