What is Type?

TYPE is the architecture of ideas and making of language. It is what effects the way we experience the workeynote1ld, just the management of words. Typography has changed with the experiences we’ve had over time. It is also a combination of Latin structures. It is the means we give an idea of ideas.

LETTER FORM has evolved because of a number of different reasons:-

  • Politcskeynote1
  • Economics
  • Society
  • Religion
  • Technology
  • Moveable type (1436)
  • The Digitalisation of type


-How type is measured


-The line which most letters fit

-Circular type goes slightly under the line


-Character spacing


-The spaces between words


-The spaces betweenlines


-adpting for current needs example- scripted is very feminine

-The context always needs to be considered for a design. (Wouldn’t use Comic Sans for a… well anything)



Below shows my first experiment using a baseline. I hand drew the letters tracing from a type specimen.

I found this difficult for the first time as I was working so small it was hard to get any accuracy on the baseline for some of the round letters, this is shown by the fact the smaller letters aren’t at the same hight above the baseline as the rest of the characters. I also found it difficult to keep a steady hand while tracing around the letters.

The sample below is my second attempt. I found this one an awful lot easier than the first one as I measured out a line to guide me in the position of the top of the letters need to be in.


I found kerning really difficult with the letters being cut out small of pieces of paper. I found it very fiddly. I am still quite happy with the outcome of this as most of the spaces between letters are equal.


Ligatures are a character that joins two or more letters into one character. It is used to solve the problem of character colliding an
d looking messy or hard to read.


Gothic is Sanserif fontsso without the tale or feet.

Also known as old style is a style of type that with a uniformed thicknesses of strokes and with slanted serifs.

 Hand written fonts typically from the 13th century to the 16th century for religious proposes and in the lomdardic region of Italy.

  Fonts made from geometric shapes made to create lettering.

Used for short lines of text and is bold.

When a hight of a letter is higher than the other letters this could be for a number of reasons.


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