Pop up Mock up

One of the ideas I had for the story book was to create a short pop up book showing some of the key points in the book “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.” I used note paper to create the mock up of the pop up as it is dirt cheap and I could use it while I was figuring how to actually create the parts needed.

I found a few problems with the mock up. The large character was too large for the page so it would need to be reduced in size as it sticks out of the top of pages when the book is shut and it would need to be hidden from view when shut to keep it tidy and like a book. I also found that I needed to plan more where the elements would stand when opened as it looks like the character is flying about as I wanted to bring it forward more. I found that the moveable parts of the book worked better when the part it was tucked underneath was larger as it was more secure than when there was less space.


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