Book Making Workshop 

In this workshop we worked with an illustrator creating books using different binding.

The first technique  was made using only folding and cutting of a single sheet of paper. The book is not what is normally thought as a book, a positive could be that you use both sides. Using both sides could be interesting as you could be telling the story from one point of view and the other side a different view on the same narrative it could give a more dimensions to the story giving it something different to other books. A negative to this type of fold is that the book doesn’t fold flat if you use a lot of pages.

The next type of book binding I explored was a more traditional way of making books which is the three whole stitch. This is more of what I think of when someone says books to me, this could end up making the book a safe format but that could be what the designer is going for depending on the narrative or the other content inside of the book.


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