Storybook~ Narrative Though Images

I found that looking at narratives, created by another person, and picking out what is important in the narrative quite hard. One of the reasons is that this is hard is that it is totally objective to the person reading it, I found this when I was looking at George Orwell’s book “1984”. I thought that the chocolate rations was a massive part as it showed the control that “Big Brother” had on the people where as other people would over look the detail.

I tried to show the story using illustrations and minimal text. I think on the piece (below) I used too much text on it and gave too away and should of left some parts out. For example I included the name “Goldstein” crossed out, the problems I have with this is that it looks like a mistake that I just crossed out instead of what I was trying to go for that it was trying to be deleted and it doesn’t really fit in with the rest of the images and is just there to fill in space on the page.Another thing I found was that for I needed to plan out composition instead of just putting work on to paper as I go. The piece has no real order to it is just random.

If I was to do this again I would include less on the page, I might include the silhouette of the unpersoned “Comrade” in the center of the page and the cctv cameras surrounding the character.

I then did the same put with a more of a timeline of my own life. I was thinking of mind maps and the focused on the mind part and included a sketch of myself and all the memories busting out of my head and the memories and other significant items. The photos have an order starting from the top right corner and then going to the left to the right and the same all the way down. I would of wanted to fill the whole of the page if there was time but I was constrained to just the morning and then presenting the pieces in the afternoon.



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