Image Inequality

image assimentfinalThis is the finished image for the project. I had brought the opacity down on the bodies to make sure that the skeletons where visible clearly on the black background of the figures tops (as on one of my earlier attempts the skeleton got lost into the darkness). I’m not happy with how the background has turned out, I think it is IMG_1420too light and the coins should have a solidness about them rather than with a low opacity.

I feel like the piece says what I want it to say about the inequality in pay between the two main genders and they are positioned on separate sides of the page and behind the male there is a collage of a higher value than behind the female figure. This is conferimed by the feedback I received in a peer assessment (shown on the left).

To improve I would act on the feedback given and try to darken the sketches and the layering of the coins.


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