Representation of gender in James Bond film posters in 1962

Personally I don’t find James Bond films at all entertaining. In fact everythime I have tried to watch one of the films I have switched over. This might be because of the type of film does not appeal to me or Bonds attitude towards women gets me slightly hot under the collar. This gives me quite a limited knowledge for any of the films.

Dr No 1962

  • It is obvious that Bond is a main character as he is in the front. This also gives him a position of power which is seen as a masculine trate.
  • He is fully dressed in a tux giving him a sense of wealth, power and a member of an upperclass. Again these things are thought to be manly things and things to strive towards.
  •  The women in the poster are in a line and for the most part in a state of undress. The line is like a que trying to get to bond as they all seam to be looking at him like he’s a sex icon. The woman are just like accessories to Bonds adventures.
  • Bond is holding a gun, which shows that he has power and men should be the protectors of woman. This is also shown that the woman are behind Bond on the poster.
  • The way that Bond is leaning suggests that he is confident with his position in life. This is heightened by the fact he is holding a gun that is still smoking. The fact that he has a cigar in the other hand suggests that is normal day for him.
  • The fact that the woman have nothing in their hands leaves them vulnerable and in need of protection by a man.

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